Saturday at our house

It was all very quiet in our house on Saturday morning.
The late night resulted in everyone sleeping in.
Except Tim & I – as usual!

I had spa and then watched the rest of the movie I had missed the night before.

I tried to keep Tinga quiet – his squawks are heard for miles and I didn’t want him waking Shanni.
We gave him some corn.
He loved it.
It was really funny watching him head down going for it.
Then he would worry his beak on the wires of his cage trying to wipe off the sticky bits!

After breakfast Raphael & Emilie sad their goodbyes and headed to Nelson.
Azzan didn’t want to let Emilie go so she was going to take him with her

The tide is really high at present.
The kids talked David into going swimming with them.

Shanni found my previous swimsuit in the going out bag and claimed it.
I must say it never looked as good on me as it does on her

Not so far to jump today!

But it’s still loads of fun cuz the waves are chopping up  and making the swimming more interesting.

Emma had a struggle getting back up.
Everytime she nearly hoisted herself up a wave would drag her back down again!!

Butterfly Dave!

Sasha commented that if she had realised that a spa was in the offing she might have joined the swimmers.

Instead she and Beth cooked up a storm.
They made dozens of Chocolate Chick Cookies.

I made a cucumber pickle.
I combined two recipes and used the veges I had on hand.
It turned out really yummy.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my gst.
I got it pretty much finished except for some final cash journalling.
It ended up reducing me to tears.
Tim came in to get me for dinner and I was sobbing in frustration.
I was following exactly what the accountants had done the previous months but it just wasn’t working and I could figure out why
So I shut the computer off and put away the books and had dinner and went to bed.

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