Farewell to the Cousins

Shanni was up at 6am today.
She and Beth just had to play one last game of Monopoly Deal.
I discovered this arvo that she and Emma had been playing it until 11pm last night – so that explains why she has been off the planet today

It was still raining so David backed his truck down to the back door to load up.
He, Sasha, Beth & Emma headed off to Nelson just after 7:30am.
The girls were catching the 11:30am flight back to Auckland and David had work at midday.
It has been a fun few weeks getting to know the cousins.
The girls have really enjoyed each other

After they left we all sorta just crashed.
It was the first time in months that we had no-one extra in the house.
Azzan was watching ‘How to Tame a Dragon’ so we all zoned out in front of that.
Then I tried to get a few things done but no-one was very co-operative.
We are all so tired I guess.

Mahalia & Azzan wanted to go swimming.
So they took off down there.
Then the sun came out and the day became absolutely glorious.
Shanni joined them a bit later when she saw how much fun they were having.
The king tides are really big at the moment.

One of our wekas was checking out things in the garden.
They are quite okay in the garden – sometimes!
But once they begin coming in the house it is out and out war!!

I got Nathan to start doing a filter clean on the spa before we empty it.
We hadn’t used this product before so it was an all new experiment.
It was really funny.
It began foaming, and foaming, and foaming.
Nathan was like ‘Mum? Is this sposed to be happening?

It really was very inviting for the kids to play in.
But I was rather cautious about it as it was chemically induced so they sadly left it alone.

I headed off to have a sleep for an hour or two cuz I still had the headache.
I had a good rest and woke up minus the headache.
Tik & Glen were here when I got up so Tim & Nathan hadn’t gone and got the stuff from Waterfall.
Nathan was quite keen that Tim should begin loading the trailer now so it wasn’t all left to the last minute on Wednesday.
The plan is that I leave tomorrow morning with Mahalia & Azzan.
Then Tim will follow Thurs with the Nathan & Shanni.
We have friends coming in to babysit the animals.

I have the Terrano packed up.
Just gotta go pack my own bags now and then I can head off to bed.
Long day tomorrow.
Long drive on my own but we will break it and take it easy.

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