A very very hot days drive south

I was up early on Tuesday as I had planned on leaving at 7am.
However by the time I had showered and typed up a couple of references, etc and finished packing up the Terrano, it was 8am as I finished my fast food breaky – a delicious berry, pineapple & banana smoothie – and headed out the door.
Stopped to get Graham to sign some papers and then had a fairly leisurely drive to town.
It was nice not to have a deadline to be anywhere, so we just cruised.
The kids were overjoyed to stop at Rai for a pie & sausage rolls
I was starving so even I succumbed to a Chicken Pie!

Brief stop in Havelock and then to Blenheim to do some wedding shopping, sort out Australian money for Mahalia at the bank, fit a wiggly squiggly exhaust pipe in the back for Tim, and take library books back. It was way to hard for Azzan to take books back and not get any more out so I gave him a 10 book limit. When I checked the books out I suggested that he needed to brush up on his maths – there were way more than 10!
But they have kept him busy reading ever since.
He has discovered Aussie Nibbles, Aussie Bites and Kiwi Bites books and is literally eating them.
He just loves them and spend hours curled up reading.
It is super cool to see the reading bug attacking him

It was incredibly hot.
We were all drooping by the time we left Blenheim at 11:30ish.
We stopped at Seddon to buy some cold water and post mail.

We drove on to Kekerengu and stopped for a late lunch.
Azzan & I shared a bowl of Nachos and Mahalia wolfed down a Mediterranean panini.

Within seconds of some other customers leaving their table the seagulls were swooping.
It was all rather dramatic as they fought over the leftovers.

The wee sparrows were much quieter as they waited patiently for crumbs to drop.

The view from our table.

There were some wonderfully large ornamental thistles in the garden.
Azzan was pontificating that they were that large because they were meant to be because that is how they were designed to be

We drove on down  the coast and I stopped at Oaro to give the kids a leg stretch.
It was too lovely a day not to have some beach play time.
The tide was way out so Azzan was able to explore the rock pools and seaweeds.
I went rock hopping with him.

But the rocks were sharp on my barefeet and I couldn’t keep up with him.
He was rubbishing me from a distance for having tender feet!

The tide was swirling through the rocks.
The bull kelp was fascinating to a small boy.

He found a squeezy ball like thing in the kelp which was extremely fascinating to him for ages.

The wide expanse of sloping beach was perfect for cartwheels.

The day was disappearing so we had to get back on the road again.
The children were either reading or watching dvd’s most of the way so were quietly resting.
It was way too hot to be bothered doing anything else.

We got to Rangiora around 7pm.
Stopped off to get a few groceries and then called into see Jesika.
She had flown in from Melbourne that arvo & was staying with Erica & Adrian.
The kids were overjoyed to see her.
They had lots of hugs and kisses and then we headed across town to Robin & Elizabeth’s.
Had dinner with them.
Got the kids to bed and then I went back to see Jesika for an hour.
She was busy making wedding cakes.
The kitchen smelled wonderful.

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