Shopping for the wedding and Bri’s Hen’s night

The children and I drove into Christchurch and picked up Bri.
We had lots of food shopping to do for the wedding.
We spent several hours in Countdown & Pak’n’Save.
Then drove out to Riccarton.
Bri got some stuff at Pak’n’Save there while the kids and I got some smoothies and a frappacino.
It was quite hot and we were flagging so needed nourishment.
Azzan was too tired by this point so his legs refused to work!!
Bri jollied him along with piggy backs, and cell phone games.
We went out to Church Corner and got fruit and veges.
Then it was time to drop Bri back home.
She sorted out all the groceries and we took off.
Stopped in Papanui to get my necklace fixed and then zipped into Countdown at Northlands to pick up a couple more things for Jesika.
I let the kids get some Chinese takeaways for a late lunch as they were getting pretty hungry by now.
I found some cool clothes in Merric
Our day was disappearing very quickly so I headed back to Rangiora.
Remembered I hadn’t gotten a gift for the hen’s party so zipped into The Warehouse.
Dropped Jesika’s stuff off and got back to Elizabeth & Robin’s in time to shower and cool down.
I left Azzan with Nanny Gold.
Nicola picked up Jesika then me and Mahalia.
She took us into Sumner where we were meeting up with all the ladies for Bri’s Hens night.

We were greeted by Bri wearing her gorgeous get up that Damaris had made for her.
Bride to be

Doesn’t she looks lovely

We had a most enjoyable evening.
We all had pink head sashes and heat badges to wear.
The badges all were names Miss_______
I was Miss Terry
Mahalis was Miss Rable
There were also Miss Cellaneous, Miss Lead, Miss Deed, Miss Trust etc
Some declined to get totally in the mood!

Lizzie had a list of questions for Bri.
She had already asked Nick the same questions.
If Bri’s answer was different to Nick’s then Bri had to eat a lump of yucky chewing gum.

Bri took the questioning very seriously.
Maybe the gum was really yucky

Sisters in shoes!

Skip came to join the party later and had to beg for left overs.

Then it was pressie time.

Mahalia’s gift.
Now, what is this for??

I know – a hat
Bri displaying her Viking heritage.

A wedding pressie from Catherine & Dougal.
Oh cool! Bubble wrap!!
Even better than the pressie

Oooh! Super cool.
A Barbie Mate!

Modeling the beautiful plates from Willie and family

We all went our separate ways at 10pm.
Nicky, Mahalia, Jesika & I headed back to our respective beds and the other girls went off to find some more fun.

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