A sociable sorta day

We enjoyed a slowish sort of morning.
It was nice not to be rushing out the door.
Just chilled and hung out with Elizabeth & Robin.
Then realised the morning had disappeared all too fast and it was 11am.
We whizzed off down the street to do a couple of jobs in town.
Mahalia tried on several pairs of swimming togs but nothing really suitable.

Midday we met up with Emma and her clan at the park.
Holly & Amber had packed a picnic big enough to feed them all plus my two.
Emma & I left them there to enjoy the day and we buzzed off to spend some time together.

I had been trying to find the Rangiora Bakery bit had had no joy.
Then realised that it had been rebuilt and was now a fabulous modern cafe as well.
It is called Artisan and is such a cool place.
We decided to eat there.
It was worth going just to experience the curly chips!!

We both had chicken & apricot filo and salad.
And did I mention the curly chips?

We spent a lovely couple of hours chatting over our lunch.
Then decided we should go rescue Holly & Amber.
Found the troops having a great time.

Mahalia & Celia – 2 pretty 10yr olds.

We had to say goodbye and go our separate ways.
I took my two and went to visit Jesika, forgot she was in town with Bri.
So we chatted with Willie for a while and then took her with us around the corner to meet all the ladies.
They were having a dress trying on session.
The bridesmaids looked great – the dresses were made by Gracie and are being embellished by Christine and she is doing a lovely job.
Had a sneak preview of Bri’s dress.
Looks loverly – say no more at this point

Bri wanted Mahalia & Azzan to stay with her for a while so I dropped Jesika back at the Whitemans and then went back tot he bakery to order the bread for the wedding before stopping for a refreshment stop at Elizabeth’s.
I only had a 15min stop before having to head off again.
This time it was to meet Bri & Nick at the hall for a meeting with the catering/helping crew.

Stopped at Oxford Rd on the way back and was chatting with Nicky when I got word to say Tim had finally arrived.
Nicky was able to come and take all the meet from him and put it in their freezer.
Nick also called past with the truck to take all the furniture Tim had bought down for them.
So all was good.
Finally hit the pillow around 11pm

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