Friday before the wedding

I was up early as I was picking up Sunni from the airport at 8am.
I wanted the girls to rest up cuz I knew the weekend was going to be busy and tiring for them so had told them to sleep in.
Tim had stuff to deliver to the hall.
Sunni’s plane arrived a few minutes early so as soon as she text me I zipped around to the pick up area to get her.
It was so lovely to see her again.
Auckland is not too far away on the scale of things but it is far enough that we don’t get to visit terribly often.
We went down to Riccarton and had breakfast at Drexels.
They were huge breakfasts – we pretty much rolled out of the restaurant!!
It was really lovely to just sit and catch up with each other.
We don’t get enough of that sort of time.
We had a quick wander through the mall to check out some stuff I needed to get.
Then it was away to buy the fruit and veges needed for the wedding.
It was way after midday by the time we got back to the house.
I had called ahead and asked Tim to start preparing the pumpkin.
I found him & Robin in the kitchen hard at it!

Sunni helped me make a Tuscan Pumpkin Salad.
While it was all cooking I made up 2kgs of garlic butter.
The caterers were going to do it but I had the butter and it was at the right softness to do then.
Plus I had the use of Elizabeth’s kitchen whizz and parsley.
So it was just easier for me to make it.

We had to go back into town for the wedding rehearsal that night.
Bri wanted us to come in for an early dinner with them at 4:30pm.
But we were flat out trying to get the salad made so didn’t get to leave Rangiora until after 4:30pm.

Tim hadn’t been able to get the stuff out to the hall as cuz when he went out there was no-one around to let him in. He doesn’t use a cell phone so he just came back and socialised till I arrived.
So before we went into Chch we had to go back out to the hall to drop off all the stuff into the chiller.
It was all rather crazy and a bit stressful trying to fit everything in.
There was a lot of driving between Christchurch (the church being on one side of the city, the flat on the other) and Rangiora (where we were all staying) and the hall at West Eyreton where the reception was being held.

We managed to get to the flat just before 6pm.
Had time to eat a quick snack before heading across the city to the church.
While we were waiting for everyone to arrive I went to visit Tim’s forebears.
His great, great, great grandfather and great, great grandfather are buried in the church cemetery.
John Shand was the first of the family to arrive in NZ from England.

The wedding was being held at St Peter’s Anglican Church in Upper Riccarton.
It is a lovely stone church.
Very solid.
Very old English feel inside with its dark heavy wood and stone walls.
There was some earthquake damage but it got the ok from the engineers a few weeks back.

The band was there practising when we arrived.
They sounded great.
The acoustics were wonderful.
There was a lot of silliness happening during the practise.
Frustrating for the bride & groom, bemusing for the vicar, but a happy outlet for everyone before the big day

Tim walking Bri up the aisle.
Getting the timing right with the music.

Nick & Seb chilling while Bri & the vicar sort out the signing of the register.

The young ladies.

Shoshannah & Mahalia were staying the night at Bri’s flat.
All the bridesmaids were there having a girls night and also to be on site for their early start the next day.
They had to be up and going at 6am to give them all time to be dressed and beautiful and get to the church by 11am.
We left the girls with Bri and headed back to Rangiora.

The previous days had been busy.
We were all tired.
Azzan had dinner with Robin & Elizabeth but Sunni had slept through because she was weary from her short night/early morning.
So we picked up Maccas for her on our way home.
Dropped off stuff for Jesika.
She was out at the hall helping Lizzie get the decorating finished.
After tucking Azzan & Sunni into bed (haven’t done that in a few years ) we decided that we needed more salad.
So Tim & I stayed up and cooked more pumpkin and doubled the amount.
I am glad we did as it all disappeared very quickly.
Everyone raved over it.
Thanks Mat for the recipe/idea and thanks Sunni for helping make it

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