First town day of Term 1

I was up and in the shower at 5am.
Were all packed into the Safari at 6am so had a good start to the day.
I was grateful we did leave early as I ended up with a lot to do.
The Safari actually was good to drive, it does hold the road much better that the Terrano, and I didn’t forget I had a clutch – well, maybe just once

Nathan had made cheese toasties for him & Matt.
He gave some to Matt to eat on the way out with the condition that he did not chuck up, cuz he had taken a lot of time and effort to make them.
Well, about 15mins from Rai Valley Nathan, who was sitting behind me urgently requested me to stop.
He then proceeded to get out of the Safari in a hurry and ‘chucked up’.
Needless to say he got some ribbing over it

We stopped at Rai Valley and let out our 3 passengers.
They were all intending to hitch hike to their destinations.
I took this farewell photo of Diklar and Shar.

But didn’t bother to take one of Matthew as Shanni had taken several including this one when they were out fishing.

The car was much lighter without the 3 passengers and all their bags

We got to Nelson just on 9am.
I let Shanni go shopping with Nathan.
She needed some shorts.
There is heaps of sales on so I thought they could go search for a couple of hours.
Good sibling bonding time.
According to Nathan Shanni went into EVERY clothing shop in the city.
He sat outside and just moved seats when she moved shops.
And here was me thinking he might help her with the choosing

I took the Safari for it’s WoF.
They did it straight away for me so I just waited.
I had planned to pop away and get some things done.
It all went smoothly so Azzan & I were soon zipping off to cross several more jobs off my list.
We had to go to the wholesalers, and then drive all the way out to 3 Brother’s Corner to pick up stuff for Tim & Anson.
I was pushing it for time so called up the kids and got them to start walking to meet me.
I picked them up and we went to find Shanni’s new speech teacher.
We were saddened last week to get word that her previous teacher is too ill to continue.
There is a dearth of speech teachers in Nelson so we were very lucky to get her into Gaelynne.
She is not taking any more pupils.
Shanni really enjoyed her lesson.
It was a getting to know you one for starters.
I zipped back into the city centre to cross another job off my list.
Left Nathan to post mail for me.
Went back and collected Shanni.

The children had prepared their own lunches so they ate in the car in between activities.
I met Nathan & Sasha at the museum soon after midday.
The children went to play in the sun on Cathedral hill while Sasha & I had lunch together.
It was fairly quick as I had to have Azzan at violin by 1pm.
Nathan walked Shanni to clarinet and then went to meet Yari at the library.

We sat in on the violin lesson.
It was fun.
John is a great teacher.
Really good with the children.
There are four 7 & 8 year olds learning together.
Azzan, Asher, Merrin & George.
Just a sweet wee class.
John is teaching them all the basics.
Names of all the violin parts.
Bow exercises to strengthen the fingers.

Positioning of the violin, balancing a ping pong ball on the strings is the fun game to get the violin at the correct angle.

I am sure Azzan is doing a million things incorrectly here!!

After violin I picked up Shanni from clarinet and dropped her and Azzan at gymnastics.
I had a doctors appointment to get to.
I arrived and discovered that the one doctor in the practise who I absolutely refuse to see was the only one on duty.
The receptionist knows I won’t see her, it is written in our records but obviously the practise nurse who took my booking had made a mistake.
I was so upset.
I just burst into tears and walked out.
It had taken me quite a while to psyche myself up to go for this appointment.
Now I have to reschedule for another time

I picked up Sasha, went and had my routine blood test and then dropped Nathan’s gym clothes to him.
I all of a sudden realised I had 1.5 hours free as Victoria was taking Azzan to dancing and Shanni was going op-shopping with Katherine.
Sasha & I went to Starbucks and sat and talked.
Sebastian joined us.
It was lovely to just sit and chat and catch up with them both.
I am so proud of Seb.
He is doing so well, he is goal setting and making positive plans for his future.
I caught up with Azzan at 4pm.
He was wanting to start jazz again but the only session available is Mahalia’s age group and he freaked a bit at going in with kids so much older.
So we left.

Romain had text me to say he was in Havelock so I suggested he could hitch hike to Nelson and come home with us instead of waiting for the mailboat the  next day.
He got a ride very quickly and was in Nelson soon after 5pm.

Azzan & I went and did the grocery shopping.
Nathan was hanging out with Seb and met us at the supermarket.
We shot up to get Shanni.
She was very happy with her 5 op-shop purchases – all garments on sale $1 each.
We then went to find Romain.
He was lying in the sun on a bench outside the Info Centre waiting patiently.
Loaded him & his gear in.
It was great to see him again.
He was equally happy to be coming ‘home’.

Shanni & I popped in to visit her previous speech teacher with a wee get well pressie.
Adele was delighted to see us.

We were out of town soon after 6pm.
Stopped at Okiwi Bay to eat some dinner.
The sandflies were very hungry so we didn’t stop for long.

I popped in to see Alan on the way past Cissy Bay.
Tim had left his hat and some bowls at Alan’s 80th.
It was lovely to have a few minutes to chat with him.

We finally got home at 9:30pm.
We had jokingly told Tim that we were bringing in a Slovakian hitch hiker so he was pleasantly surprised to see Romain

After unpacking, unwinding, having a late snack cuz I had the munchies from not having a decent dinner,
I soaked in the spa at midnight under the wonderful starry sky and brilliant bright full moon.

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