Friday/Saturday at our place

Anson took the girls and Romain out grubbing weeds at 6:30am on Friday morning.
Tim set Louis afloat on a kayak and pointed him in the direction of Waterfall Bay.
The bay was glassy calm.
Louis was very concerned that he not get his leg wet so we taped a plastic bag around it.
He made it up there fine and spent the day helping Glen.

Nathan fed Polly.
She is taking a bottle now.

Anson called up a vet to have a chat about her as we were unsure on milk dosage now she is getting bigger.
He said she should be wormed as well to give her a better start.
So Graham bought some worm tablets in for her.
We had to weigh her to see how much to give her.
We popped her in my kitchen scales.
She weighed somewhere around 515 grams so a 1/4 tablet was sufficient for now.

Azzan was counting the hours until the mailboat came.
He knew that there would be some library books in the mail that we had ordered online.
He was so incredibly excited to get 2 large packages.
We unpacked them and then he took a box full of to his room to begin a reading marathon.
I hardly saw him for the rest of the day.

Anson took Glen, Graham & Romain out fishing at dinner time.
No grouper.

Cat has been asked to write an account of her Mt Cook climb for a NZ home schooling magazine.
I had done the spell and grammar checks on her initial story which she wrote in the morning.
We then spent quite a long time after dinner on the phone getting the article completed.
An Israeli couple arrived while I was busy so I never got to meet them till this morning.


Tim and Anson took out all the troops at 6:30am again today.
I stayed in bed till 8am and watched some more of Middlemarch.
George Elliot had some really interesting observations of characters in her stories.
I am really enjoying getting to know her.

Shanni & Azzan slept in late.
In fact I never saw Azzan until midday.
He proudly told me that he had read 14 books already!

Louis stayed back and helped me in the kitchen with dinner prep.
He peeled spuds and kumara and veges for the casserole.
Did I ever say how much I love my slow cooker
I made a Red Salad for lunch.
It is delicious – contains red cabbage, red onion, beetroot, orange, parsley.
I got everything done and made lemon muffins for morning tea.
All of a sudden I felt really yuck.
Headache hit and I felt quite nauseous.
I hadn’t yet had breakfast so I made a fresh fruit salad.
That helped somewhat.
I was going to go lie down for a while but Anatoliy and Yaara came to meet me and have a chat before they left.
Unfortunately it was just a short stay for them.
They were wishing they could stay longer but they had already booked the ferry to Wellington.
They were on their honeymoon
His family emigrated to Israel from Ukraine when he was 16 and her family originated from Yemen.
Don’t you just love her hair? It was gloriously long and ringlety.

After they left I took my lunch and went to bed for a wee while.
Watched the end of Middlemarch and then tried to sleep.

They all got back from from grubbing weeds at midday.
Tim put the ’88 South’ up on the trailer at high tide and spent several hours water blasting the bottom of it.
Romain & Louis gave him a hand which made the job a lot easier.

Tim and the guys spent time later this arvo putting in a wharf fender while the tide was low.
It is full moon at present so the tides are dropping very low which works well for this job.

I made a butterscotch pudding for dessert tonight.
While it was finishing cooking Romain & Louis did the dishes.

Louis said he couldn’t smile while doing dishes (not too sure if it is because he doesn’t like doing them or if it is because of his need to concentrate on his work) so I found the wee poem we used to have by the sink for him.

Thank God for dirty dishes;
They have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry,
We’re eating very well
With home, health, and happiness,
I shouldn’t want to fuss;
By the stack of evidence,
God’s been very good to us.

Tim, Azzan & the girls played a game of Monopoly Deal after dinner.
Polly got into the midst of the game!

She is very cute.
Her eyes are beginning to open now she is in her 3rd week.

And no! She will not be on the table or in my scales for too much longer.
She is after all a dog in the making and I don’t allow dogs inside my house.

Tim has gone to Anson’s tonight with the 4 wwoofers to watch rugby.
Yes, the season has begun again

Shanni & Azzan are getting themselves off to bed and I will be following closely behind.

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