Sunday and paua for dinner :-)

We had a really nice leisurely Sunday.
I was up at 5am – couldn’t sleep so decided to make a card or three.
Finished one I began a week or so back and managed to make 2 more.
Then it was time for a shower and hullo world!

Despite the sun it was a cooler sort of day due to the light southerly puffing in the bay.
The young folk went swimming.
Azzan got caught out though – he came up expecting a spa but I was doing the chemical thing and you cannot use it till around an hour after the last additives are in.
And I never finished putting them all in till late arvo.
A hot shower had to suffice today.

We had fellowship just before lunch.
Alan left for town and took Louis with him.
Numbers are decreasing.
I was planning on popping over the hill to pay a birthday visit to my friend & neighbour.
Happy Birthday Sandra
But by the time I managed to actually speak with her she was about to head out to town.
So that kaiboshed that plan.
I had just enough reserves in my energy levels to make the trip today too
Not to worry – I am sure we will tee up another day.

Spent ages tonight talking with Mahalia and Jesika on Skype later this arvo.
Well, it felt like ages cuz Azzan & Mahalia held the floor for a long time.

Shanni & Glenn went paua diving over the back with the 3 wwoofers.
Azzan wanted to go swimming but then discovered they were gone.
He got all funny about not feeling safe swimming on his own despite Tim being down at the beach.
Then after his chat with Mahalia he merrily took off down to the beach and had his swim!!

It was about 7:30pm when they fisherfolk arrived back.
They were all wet and cold.
But they had paua so that was great.

While Tim fried it up for dinner Romain boiled up some sea snail things that he had found.

He is used to eating snails so knew exactly how to get them out of the shell.

He proclaimed them to be not as nice as the ones he gets at home in France.
Leonie tried one but spat it out very quickly and announced it to be disgusting

The girls were having fun with the cats eyes from the snail shells.
Nathan told them that the poor people would use them on the dead folks eye instead of coins.
So of course they had to give it a go

It was very tricky trying to keep them in place.

We had dinner very late tonight.
Just finished cleaning up and getting Azzan off to bed when Anson came around at 10pm to sort out work for tomorrow.
He helped Anna feed the puppy.
He’s not that keen on the ‘nappy’ part of the feeding process

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