Chch had an earthquake – but we had a cyclone!!

There was no scheduled weeding today so I got the girls to de-cobweb the verandah.

Nathan got up on the roof with the hose and cleaned off all the skylights and guttering.
There was water going everywhere – I even found puddles in the study

Meanwhile inside Tim & Azzan were chilling out.
Azzan got the cards down and he and Tim played games.

Then cyclone ‘Anson’ arrived
He was in cleaning mode and he went for it.

He got Romain up into the workshop with him.

Soon Shanni & I were summoned.
He was into the meatsafe.
Stuff was being biffed out left right and centre.

Shanni was asked to go through all her stashed bird cages etc.
Anson went through her stuff.
Do you need this?
Want this?

Then I suggested she should give her aviary a good clean out.
I asked Leonie to help her.

I have been asking Tim to pick pears for days.
He has either been too busy or it has been too wet.
So today I prised him away from the card game and directed him to the orchard.
Much to Anson’s trepidation he got side tracked in the workshop ‘saving stuff’.  

Azzan & Anna climbed the tree and picked pears.
Carmen caught the ones that fell.

The girls peeled all the pears outside.

I was so incredibly tired I had to go have a lie down.
It wasn’t terribly long before Tim had to get me up again to send an email to the Nelson court.
The court case Tim has been summoned to on Friday is to be heard in Christchurch.
And of course the courthouse is in the central city.
There is a state of emergency and the city centre is cordoned off.
So Tim has been in touch with the Nelson courts and they are dealing with it all.
They have told us it is 100% sure of being postponed.
There is more important things going on that this stupid hearing!

After a brief rest I got up and tried to bottle a few of the pears the girls had cooked up.
I managed to successfully crack 3 of my large preserving jars.
I was not at all happy.
I did get 2 large jars and a smaller one done.
The rest of the pears I made into a fruit crumble for dessert.
Because Tim had gone mustering we had a little time up our sleeves so I decided to make zucchini fritters.
Anna cooked them.
They were very tasty.

Then Bri text to say she was at her in-laws place so I could call her.
It was really good to hear her voice and talk with her.
Their roof has been damaged but they have it weather proofed with tarps.
She has also asked if people could please NOT text or call her because they are trying to keep the phone lines free for emergency calls.
Excess texting and calls is jamming the communication systems.
She just wants everyone to know she is alright.

Tim arrived in so he carried on talking with her.
I had some more time to cook so I made muffins – date, bran & yoghurt.
Seb and his crew are coming in tomorrow morning to seed up a mussel line for us so I had to make them muffins tonight as I won’t be here in the morning to bake them for him.
Dinner was kingfish steaks in a coconut cream sauce. on brown rice, with carrot sticks and zucchinni fritters.
Rather delicious

Now it is late and I still have to go make Azzan’s lunch for tomorrow and find myself some clothes.
I will be taking the 3 children to Nelson in the morning.
Anson went to Nelson tonight and he will bring them all home tomorrow so I can stay an extra night.
I have several appointment on Friday.
I did manage to make a Drs appointment with the doctor I want to see this time.
I also got the good news that my blood tests came back with my Haemoglobin at 121 and Ferritin at 29 they are higher than they have been in months.
Actually my Ferritin levels haven’t been that high in years.
Must be doing something right!

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