Shocking news

Monday was a beautiful day.
Everyone went out grubbing weeds early.
I was up early working on paperwork for a court hearing Tim has to attend on Friday.
Shanni & Azzan slept in quite late.
With the very late dinners and even later nights they are getting these days I am happy for them to sleep in.
They have to get some sleep at one end of the night!
I was hanging out the washing and Azzan came out with this wee fella.
Isn’t he cute.

Carmen from Germany arrived in the afternoon.
Azzan took her swimming and entertained her for the rest of the day.

Shanni has decided to try going wheat free.
She has been getting quite lethargic and suffering a sore stomach and has noticed it is exacerbated when she eats wheat products.
I am very glad she is old enough to cook her own food
She made some gluten free scones and muffins for her and Tim.
While she was baking I got her to make a date loaf.
It turned out really nicely.
Everyone loved it.

Anson took everyone out possum hunting after dinner.
They got home around 11:30pm.
Wasn’t a brilliant night but they still manage to bring home four.

Tuesday morning they went out grubbing again.
It was a bit drizzly and overcast but they left anyway.
Anson was quite annoyed cuz he couldn’t wake Nathan.
He ended up leaving him behind.
By the time they got back it was precipitating quite heavily.
Romain went straight to sleep.
Tim went to bed.
Anson brought his washing around to do and ended up asleep on the sofa with Polly.

The girls de-cobwebbed the hall way and sorted a few books out for me.

I was in bed when the news of the earthquake in Christchurch came over the radio within minutes of it happening.
I spent the rest of the afternoon glued to the radio and internet news.
It was horrific watching it all unfold.
It just got worse and worse.
When I saw this video I just broke down and wept.
This is Christchurch people.
Our main city.
Our beautiful garden city.
I lived there for 3 years before I was married.
I visit there several times a year.
I have a child living there.
I have friends and family there.
I was so incredibly worried for them all.
But the phones lines were either out or jammed so it was next to impossible to get through to anyone.
I finally got a text from Bri to say she was ok.
Throughout the rest of the day we  heard news of most people via texts or Facebook.
No matter how negative folk are about FB it is a huge blessing in a time like this.

After dinner I went around to Anson’s to watch the news on TV.
I stayed there for 3 hours.
It was just so horrendously sad.

This site has photos of some before and after views.

4 thoughts on “Shocking news

  1. Oh no. That is devastating. I am glad your friends and family are all right and I am sure everyones’ thoughts will be with the poor families who were effected by the earthquake. Oh it’s moments like these I wish I could just be there to help in any possible way.Take care.Xx

  2. I’m glad to know that you and your family are ok.Its so sad about the earthquake.I was looking at the pictures on the news link about some of the people who were lost in the quake and I wanted to cry and did when I saw the picture of the little baby.I will keep all of you New Zealanders in my prayers.

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