Happy Birthday Mahalia and Anna

Shoshannah & Leonie secretly made a banner for the two birthday girls.
They hung it up just before dinner.

Then they helped Azzan blow up balloons.
There was great hilarity when Azzan proudly announced that he had burped into his balloon

Mahalia managed to perk up a wee bit for dinner.
She actually looks quite bright in this photo but it was very momentary.
She really wanted to eat but it was a struggle so I saved her a large portion of lasagna & garlic bread for hopefully tomorrow.
There was 17 of us for dinner so some disappeared out to the verandah where it was quieter and cooler.

I made her a lamington tower for her cake.
I stuffed the lamingtons with cream and then poured mixed berry sauce over them.
It had a pony candles on top which delighted her immensely.

You can tell here that her eyes are very heavy.
She is wearing the gorgeous top that Sebastian bought for her birthday.
I was most impressed with his choice & the fact that he went to the trouble of getting her something special..
He knew what colour she loves and Phoebe tried it on to get the right size.

Then we managed to extract Anna from her phone call from her German family to come see her b’day cake.

We sang happy birthday to both of the girls.

Then it was present time.
Poor Mahalia had so many presents to open but so little energy.
I did suggest she might like to do it tomorrow but you cannot put off something like that!!

In amongst all of this Polly needed her dinner so Leonie got it ready for her.
She is so funny when she gets her food.
She goes completely demented.
It disappears so fast as she chases it around her bowl with both feet and head just fair going for it.
You would think she hadn’t been fed for days.

She is growing so fast – very cute wee girl.

The present opening was still happening.
Mahalia got lots of horse books, a beautiful journal type book about Alyce in Wonderland, Sylvanians, and a Belville Lego with a horse and princess.

Shanni had made some crazy joke presents.

and a tahinau crown for the Queen of the Tahinau Grubbers.

I was glad we had begun dinner relatively early so I was able to get the children off to bed not too late.
Mahalia was very glad to be back in her bed.
With her permission tonight I have called and canceled her piano lesson on Thursday as I don’t think she will be well enough to go to town.

The rain is falling quite steadily now.
A lovely sound to sleep to
The penguins have come ashore and are creating a major din right outside our bedroom.
Not a great noise to sleep to

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