Tuesday 15th March

I woke up early again.
Got up at 4:45am cuz I couldn’t sleep.
Spent a couple of hours making cards.
It is really the only time at [resent when I get to be creative so I am making the most of it.

I wanted to make 2 birthday cards.

I made this one for Mahalia.
She is 11 today
I am going to have to retake the photo of it though.
The background card is actually a pretty red and it hasn’t come out at all like the real thing.

Anna is 20 today.
She came back especially to celebrate her b’day with us.
I wanted to make her a special Kiwi card.
And as she and Leonie went to a big rugby match in Nelson last week I thought this was appropriate.

I had time to make a few more cards so tiddled around using up more bits and pieces I had lying about on my desk and created these cards.

Tim took a large crew out grubbing this morning.
It was the last day so it was all hands on deck.
Shanni, Nathan, Anson and 5 wwoofers went out.

Once they had gone I had a soak in the spa with my book.
Mahalia was still not feeling at all well.
Her temperature was up and she was very lethargic.
She tried to eat a little breakfast.
Managed to get half a mashed banana down and then went back to bed.
She perked up a bit when Sophie called to wish her a happy birthday.
Jesika skyped her too – she was very happy to hear from her but didn’t have a lot of energy to talk so I had to interpret

Azzan was rather quiet to begin with.
I was a bit concerned he might be coming down with the bug.
But he perked up when I suggested he cleaned out his rabbit’s cage.
He wanted me to hold his rabbit while he emptied all the stuff out.
I had just taken all the bins and boxes and rubbish away from the backdoor and suggested he put her in one of the deep green bins.
I went out a few minutes later and he was hosing down the cage and I caught sight of the rabbit hopping about the lawn.
I have a feeling he might have put her in a bin which was half full of stuff and she just jumped straight out!!
Anyway, that was the beginning of about half an hour or Azzan & me chasing a very quick wee bunny back and forth around the back lawn.
She was intent on eating grass and doubly intent on not being caught.
I finally barricaded up a corner beside the puppy’s cage and then got the hose and hosed it each time it tried to go the other way and eventually Azzan caught it – just in the nick of time too cuz Mo got wind of her and thought rabbit for lunch would be a good idea.
I wrapped her in a towel and Mahalia cuddled her dry inside until Azzan finished cleaning out the cage.

After that bit of morning exercise we sat and played a few hands of Monopoly Deal while I ate my breakfast.
Marie & Mathilde spent the day weeding the flower beds and paths.
It was a lovely warm sunny day.
A great day to be outdoors.
I made mock cream and filled the chocolate cake I had made for Anna’s birthday.
I knew she was keen on chocolate so I made a very large chocolate cake, filled it with mock cream and iced it with kirsch flavoured chocolate icing and decorated it with white chocolate buttons.

The weeding team all arrived back at midday.
I had lunch all ready so they were pretty happy.
I had made a batch of instant ginger beer to help cool them down too.

After lunch most of them went to have a siesta.
Tim & Shanni went down to the wharf later and spent the rest of the day conditioning mussel ropes.
Nathan & Romain helped Tim do the last lot.
I had a rest for an hour too as I was getting rather tired.

Sebastian & Phoebe arrived just after I woke up.
Seb is moving his base back home so they had brought his two cars in and some of his gear.

I chucked a lettuce salad together. and got the lasagna & garlic bread in the oven.
Anna & Leonie helped me make a red salad and ambrosia.
I created Mahalia’s b’day cake, made the pink lemonade, and then it was dinner time.

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