Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

Sunday was a laid back resting sorta day.
We had a family fellowship and checked out the Jewish exile to Babylon and the return of the exiles from Ezra & Nehemiah.

Mahalia & I sorted out bags of cast off clothing.
Ended up with 3 rubbish bags for the op shop plus another couple of old clothes and toys for the recycling centre.
That left Mahalia with 3 banana boxes of keepable clothes to put back into her drawers.
It is a wonderful cleansing feeling to be chucking out excess

I told the guys they could cook dinner as I was off duty.
Then Anson took them away for the arvo to help him feed the possum line.
They got back just as I was finishing the meal preparation cuz we couldn’t wait any longer for dinner.
Leo managed to stir the mushrooms and Romain set the table.
They then announced they had prepared dinner

Monday, back to work!
This week Tim and the guys have been alternating between getting the old septic tank out and the new one in and working on the mussel farms.
Anson has been taking the rest of the crew out mustering.
I have been cooking and doing the accounts.

Monday night we had a movie session.
Watched ‘Crocodile Dundee‘ as none of the wwoofers had seen it.
It is a bit of an Ausralian classic down under and we use the title to refer to a country boy hitting the city.
And as there has been some talk of Anson heading to Europe to visit these new friends we were joshing about him being Crocodile Dundee in Paris
On reading the review I have just realised that they made a second international one with most of the Aussie slang removed which is a shame as that is what makes the movie.
But I guess you lot in the northern ‘sheres wouldn’t understand the lingo!!


I was busy all day trying to get the gst finished plus organise everything we had to take and do in town.
I had got what needed done in the food department in the morning and then spent the day in the study.
Marie did all the house floors.
I had to stop around 4:30-5pm to get dinner on.
Mahalia had brought in some lemons a few days earlier and suggested they would make a nice Lemon Meringe Pie.
That tickled my tastebuds so I decided to make a last minute dessert.
I hadn’t made one in years cuz Nathan normally does them.
Because we had a large number to feed I tripled the recipe.
It turned out absolutely fantabulously delicious.

For some reason I ended up with a massive pile of pots and dishes which Leo & Romain tackled with great gusto. I normally try and get at least the pots washed and out of the way before we sit down to eat but Sunday I had better things to do!
Romain always looks at the poem on the wall when faced with our dishes – it helps to make him feel more positive about them
Thank God for dirty dishes;
They have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry,
We’re eating very well
With home, health, and happiness,
I shouldn’t want to fuss;
By the stack of evidence,
God’s been very good to us

Tuesday evening was a farewell of sorts.
We were getting organised to leave on Wed with Romain.
Anna, Leoni & Leo are leaving Thurs and Gildas, Marie & Mathilde leave Friday.
Leonie is going to miss the puppy more than us I reckon!!

Wee Matilde is just the cutest button.
Such adorable eyes.

The birthday twins.
Mahalia & Anna – divided only by 9 years.

Leonie & Anna with Leo – trying to be handsomely photogenic for Shanni!!

After dinner was cleaned up the 4 young wwoofers all went round to Anson’s for a farewell party.
It was late when they returned!

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