Thursday – Friday – dizzy days!

Because I knew I had to be up before 5:30am, of course I was awake at least an hour earlier.
I got up and updated here while waiting for Romain to wake.
At 5:50am we left for the airport.
All was quiet and we got there in good time.
Romain hates goodbyes so I dropped him off and didn’t dally waiting for his plane.
When I got back I spent the next hour preparing wraps for the children’s lunch.
I woke them all soon after 7:30 so we would get to riding in time.
It was too early to drop Nathan at boxing so we went straight out to Edencourt.
It was a lovely day for riding and all three were very happy campers to be there again.
I zipped Nathan back to Stoke for his hour with his trainer.
I had a little spare time left so went to Richmond Mall to do a couple of jobs.
Then it was back to get the 3 riders and swing by to collect Nathan on our way back into Nelson.
I changed the proceedings slightly to make the taxi system more simple.
Dropped Shanni at speech and then took the 2 youngest to piano.
Nathan & I went back for Shanni and then we had an hour spare to shop.
I had found socks on sale in Farmers while in Richmond but as there were so many pretty patterns decided I would let Shanni choose her own.
Glad I did.
She just wanted plain black socks!
Met up with Anson briefly, left Nathan to have his haircut.
Took Shanni to piano and picked up the 2 youngest.
Nathan walked to piano.
Victoria took Azzan to gymnastics after violin.
I took Shanni to clarinet.
We all met up at gymnastics.
Veronica took Azzan on to ballet, Mahalia missed her ride so Chrissy took her to jazz.
Shanni walked back home with Kathryn.
I zoomed Nathan over to The Wood for his hour of volunteering and I went to my counseling appointment.
Chrissy took Nathan & Azzan home with her.
I collected the girls and got some groceries before heading back to Frances & John’s place.
Tim arrived just after us.
The sun was setting as we arrived.
It is so beautiful watching it go down over Tasman Bay.

Next morning we were all packed up and ready to leave before 9am.
I shot down to my Dr’s appointment and Tim took the girls.
Shanni was staying with John & Sally and Mahalia with Sally & Nick.
I met up with him at Spring Grove and we left the Safari at the Harris’s with the boys.
Azzan was more pleased to get his card games than he was to see us!!
It is good to see him so happy to be spending time with his wee friend.

I drove all the way to Christchurch.
We had to stop for road works just north of Murchison.
I looked in the read vision mirror and thought the passenger behind me looked familiar.
It was Leonie.
Anna had a hat on so I hadn’t recognised her.
They leapt out of their car and came and chatted for a mo.
They had spent the night at a camping area not far away and had only been on the road for a few minutes.
How random was that??
We had no idea where they had gone after leaving home on Thursday.
And they thought we would be going down the East Coast.

When the lights changed we took off and met up again down the road at Murchison.
We chatted over drinks and talked about all the interesting things they could do along the way as they headed south.

We finally had to leave as the afternoon was disappearing.
We drove pretty much non-stop to Christchurch with only a short stop in Culverden.
Went to Riccarton Mall for a drink.
It was just before 6pm and we were surprised to find it so crowded.
Discovered later that with the Palms Mall, Eastgate Mall and the city centre being shut everyone now frequents Riccarton, Northlands or Hornby.

We popped in to a nearby retirement home to visit an elderly friend who has been moved out of her house because it was so badly damaged.
We chatted with her for an hour or so.
She was so pleased to see us that it was hard to drag ourselves away.
But Bri & Nick were expecting us for dinner so after an hour or so we finally had to leave.
It was the first we had seen of any earthquake damage.
Thankfully the traffic was quiet as it was after 7pm.
But there were road blocks and cordons all along the way which made it interesting driving.
Only saw 3 soldiers manning a cordon as all the Australian’s have gone back home now.

It was lovely to see Bri & Nick in their own home.
We had a pleasant time with them and enjoyed a delicious dinner.
We left after 10pm and made our way north to Loburn.
We didn’t get there till after 11.
So by the time we had socialised with Nicky & Dave, caught up with Seb who was down visiting Phoebe, it was very late.
We didn’t get to bed till around 1:30am.
Far too long a day

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