Wonderful Wednesday :-)

We had a few goodbyes to say before we left on Wednesday.
Romain was coming with us but the others were leaving over the next three days.
I took a few pix of everyone before we left.
Romain, Leo & Gildas

Gildas & Marie from France, Leonie & Anna from Germany, Romain from France and Leo from Belgium.
Mathilde was sleeping.

We had a non-eventful trip to Nelson.
I dropped Romain and the children at the Richmond library while I shot out to Wakefield to pick up Chrissy and her 3 boys.
I dropped them at Action Indoor Sports and went to get my lot and took them there.
We got the children sorted to play Ten Pin Bowling and Mini Golf for a couple of hours.
I had a few vouchers which made it all nice and manageable.

Then Chrissy and I went off to have some girl time at Only One Beauty with Tina van’t Slot.
It was great.
We thoroughly enjoyed Tina’s pampering.
Thoroughly recommend her.
We shot up to get Chrissy’s car from Russell’s work and then went to get the kids.
They had had a wonderful time.
From there we went to Tahunanui to let them all have a swim.
It was a gorgeous day to be at the beach.
We left Romain to be life guard while we ducked across the road to 623 on the Rocks for a cuppa and chat.
Came back and found Romain having a nice snooze in the sun and the only child in sight was Mahalia!!

We picked up all the strewn swimming gear and went looking for kids.
Found them over the sand dunes playing in the playground.

Romain had to ‘ride’em cowboy’ on the tortoise

It was getting late in the day so we said our farewells to the Harris family and headed off to shop for dinner.
Nathan & I shopped and then we zipped around to The Warehouse to look for ‘Boy‘ for Romain.
He was very pleased to find the last copy on the shelf which was priced at $19.99 but then went through the till at $16.
Much better than the $30 price tag at Countdown!

We got everyone fed and into bed reasonably early as we had a long & busy day to look forward to.

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