Omar & Vivienne’s wedding weekend.

Saturday 26th March

It was lovely to have a leisurely hour or two with Dave & Nicky before we went into Rangiora to meet up with Wayne & Emma for brunch.
I get to catch up with Emma periodically but the guys don’t hardly at all, so we really appreciated their darling Jacob being happy to change his 7th birthday plans so we could get together.
We were to meet at a cafe but got side tracked at the auction house.
Emma & I left the men too it cuz they were far to involved in sussing out tools etc than we were
We went back to Artisan Cafe and chatted over drinks until the guys arrived.
Then we enjoyed our food and hung out till we had to get ready for the wedding.
We did a quick change in the cafe bathroom and then zipped around the corner to the church.

Omar & Vivienne’s wedding celebrations were all held at Rangiora Baptist Church so we didn’t need to do any traveling.

The bride looked lovely and the bridesmaids wore a gorgeous colour which was echoed in the men’s ties.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Omar Williams

Omar’s grandmother, once again, made the most glorious cake.
She is so talented.

“The heart has it’s reasons that reason knows nothing of.”

“A friend is someone who know the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words”

“Love is not singular except in syllable”

“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”
Luke 12:34

After the cutting of the cake there were lots of photos, then afternoon tea.
Tim & I took off for 40mins and went to visit Robin & Elizabeth.
Elizabeth’s brother & sister-in-law are living with them now as their home was damaged beyond repair in the earthquake.

We arrived back in time to be seated at 6pm.
There was a very bountiful spread put on for dinner and a delectable dessert.
There were so many friends to catch up with.
It was great.
There was also dancing later in the evening.
Many of the younger folk are very accomplished dancers, including Omar & Vivienne.
It was a joy just to sit and watch them all.
Tim & I danced a coupe and then decided it was time to go home as we were very weary.
Of course when we got back we sat and chatted with Seb & Phoebe for too long and it was after midnight before we hit the pillows.

When I woke
Tim asked me the time.
“8:24am” I told him as I staggered out to the bathroom.
I came back prepared to crash back into bed but he was up and dressed and packing.
He was ready to hit the road!!
So we packed up the car and said our goodbyes to everyone.
Tim had to stop in and visit a guy about a log splitter.
He & Wayne had jacked it up the day before.
So we found Mark & Paulette’s place and Tim & Mark headed off to look at machinery.
I chatted with Paulette and the kids and before we knew it the clock was closing in on midday.

We left and drove to Culverden.
Disappointed to find the wonderful bakery was shut so headed across the road to a nicer looking cafe.
Was rather disappointed in the food though.
Tim’s filled roll was actually devoid of much flavour and my toasted sandwich was way too cheesey and churned my stomach.
I was extremely tired, had a headache and was feeling very sick, so Tim ended up eating my lunch as well as his own.
We drove through such changeable weather that day.
It began cool and drizzly in Loburn, then it was clear and grey and cold in Sefton.
By the time we got to Culverden it was sunny, bright and hot.
Then through the Lewis Pass it was pouring with rain.
It clearer again be the time we got to Murchison.

Tim drove all the way to Maruia Springs Thermal resort while I dozed.
Then I drove to Motupiko.
He drove the rest of the way to Wakefield where he took the Safari and went to gather up the 2 girls while I loaded Azzan and gear and went to pick up Nathan.
Nathan had had a very successful weekend and an Outdoor First Aid course.
Thoroughly enjoyed himself there which was great.

I was quite worried about some strange noises which were coming from under the Terrano so I went to meet Tim at Shortbread Cottage where I knew he was picking up Spencer, our new wwoofer from USA.
He checked it out but couldn’t see anything too drastic so took off into the sunset leaving me feeling somewhat nervous about things.
We went and got groceries and then headed home – cautiously.
It had been raining and I was rather worried about the brakes and the greasey road or I would have let Nathan drive.
Instead I had to keep stopping to rest my eyes as I was so very tired and kept getting drowsy.
We arrived home and found the others were not too far in front of us as they had stopped to help a couple of guys get their ute started.
They told some tall story but they looked suspiciously like they were poaching on our property.
Tim just got them going and sent them on their way!
It was so good to crash into bed that night.

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