2 wet days

Friday morning I left the 2 girls at the house and took Nathan into catch his 10:15am bus to Christchurch.
It was raining.
Azzan came with us.
We had a little time up our sleeves so were able to go get Nathan a mouse for his laptop.
I also got Shanni a camera case.
The sales lady at Noel Leeming’s was great.
She saw me checking out the cases and helped me find the right size using my camera and then when she realised I was baulking a wee bit at paying $35 for the one that fitted best, went away and managed to take the price down $11 to the match price of the other cases – I was very happy about that
Finally got Nathan onto the bus.
He had to wait a while as the connecting Nelson bus was late arriving.

Azzan & I whizzed through the supermarket and got some food for lunch and then went and spent a lovely hour with Christine.
The time flew far too quickly.
We don’t get to catch up very often and the times we do are always way too short.
From there we shot across town to meet up with Kathryn & Peter who were driving up from Christchurch to have a holiday in our Cottage.
We went to the Redwoodtown Garden Centre Cafe.
It was very nice but a little more expensive than I was wanting.

Peter & Kathryn headed off towards Port Ligar and Azzan & I went to the library.
He was in his element there and found a wonderful selection of books.
The predominant subjects this time were Anne Frank and Guinness Book of Records.

Then we nipped back to Christine’s.
She was at work but Kathy was there.
I had to check out my printer and call Epsom.
I was so brassed off cuz I had gone to all the trouble of having it plugged in and connected to my laptop so they could trouble shoot over the phone like I had been told, and they didn’t even try.
They just asked me what was happening and then told me where to take it for servicing.
If I had known all this from the start I could’ve taken it in while in Nelson and got it down while there.
Instead the guy was taking it from Blenheim over to Nelson cuz that is where his main workshop is

We then got a few last minute groceries and headed back to Pine Valley.
Aunty Val had arrived just before us with the two wee grandsons who were staying with them for a few days.
Shanni & Mahalia had gone out with Lloyd on the tractor after lunch and he had dropped them off at the Pine Valley Adventure Playground.
It had stopped raining and was rather a lovely afternoon.

Lloyd & Shanni went out hunting before dinner but didn’t get anything.
The girls had peeled kumara and pumpkin while I was in town so I roasted the kumara and made pumpkin salad for dinner.


I had woken at 4:30am and couldn’t sleep so read for a while.
The wee boys woke at 6am so everyone was up early cuz wee boys who are missing their mum are not quiet
As forecasted the day was very wet.
We postponed the walk & picnic and just stayed indoors for the day.

I spent time helping Lloyd & Val with their computer.
Teaching them various things that they hadn’t been able to suss out.
It was all a bit new to me too cuz I am used to Apples, but I got it figured relatively easily and hope they have a bit more understanding of things now.

Val made soup for lunch.
The boys helped.
I love this photo

Azzan, who doesn’t normally like soup and who will do anything to avoid eating it, actually loved Val’s soup and wanted to get the recipe so I could make it for him.
The main difference is that I make creamy pureed sort of pumpkin/vege soups and Val’s vege’s are chopped before they are cooked and the resulting soup was more liquid.

Nelson had his nap in the lounge chair while we had lunch.

Then he played with Azzan & Shanni.

Luke was supposed to fly over from Wellington in the morning but due to the weather and very low clouds the planes were all cancelled.
He finally made it mid arvo.
Lloyd shot in to pick him up.
When he arrived he was put straight to work peeling apples with Mahalia & Azzan.
I made an apple crumble for dessert.

Shanni occupied Lincoln & Nelson in the lounge.

Mahalia loved Nelson.
She told me on the way home that –
‘Nelson is so cute.
His wee fat cheeks are just so mishy mushy.
They are so fat you never know if he has food in them or not.’

Shanni & Lloyd went out for another hunt but again despite seeing sign still got nothing.
After the wee boys  went to bed we had dinner while watching ‘Location, Location, Location‘ on the TV.
I hadn’t seen it before, it was quite interesting seeing how the other half lives and makes choices!
Lloyd & girls all squeezed onto the sofa – guess it was cozier than spreading out

David & Sasha came over from Nelson bringing home made Hot Cross Buns with them.
Later on in the evening Lloyd took Luke, David & Sasha out hunting.
I sent Shanni & Mahalia to bed as it was quite late.
Wouldn’t you know it!
They got a 50kg pig.
Poor Shanni!
She went out twice and all she got was wet feet – then they get a pig when she had to go to bed.
I knew I should’ve let her stay up.
It’s a tough call being a mother sometimes

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