Easter weekend Fri & Sat

Just thought I would take a wee step back and show you what I have been doing over the past days.
I finally got all the sets of KlipIt containers that I bought on half price last week.
They are all filled and the old containers have gone.
I love going into my pantry now.
It feels cleaner and organised.
The other bonus is that I can actually see what is running low when I am doing my shopping list and I don’t have to go through the whole place taking off lids.
I still have a few more I need to get but I now need to buy a little more size selectively to contain the random other things

Once the boat was unloaded on Thursday night the guys got the two stags hung up and the skinning process underway.
Tim was pretty proud of his 90+kg (200lb) deer.

They were both 8 pointers but Anson’s was a lot lighter.
But still both were a huge weight to carry down the hills.


I got up before 5am as I couldn’t sleep.
So I sat and made a few cards until it was light enough to wallow in the spa with my book.

Cat was up bright an early too.
She spent the day doing a big clean up and getting rid of stuff.
She tackled the lawns but they were still too wet.
She got Azzan helping to clean up the rabbits mess and got rid of the puppy’s old run.
I had been trying to move it a few days ago so I could clean up all the mess but it was too heavy for me.
Am very glad to have it all gone.

Mahalia & Azzan cleared away most of the rotten floor boards.
They are so dry that they are making really good fire starters.

Jenn & Ray arrived to stay at the campsite with their wee caravan so Tim took them around to show them the ropes.

It was a beautiful day and Cat planned to take Mat & Sunni out in the yacht so Mat could have a dive.
But the tide went out and the ‘Vision’ got caught.
All the men went down to try and manoeuver it out but is wouldn’t budge so it stayed tied to the wharf and they went over the bay in the dinghy instead.
Mat hasn’t dived for a few years so Cat was giving him a refresher.

I watched an episode of ‘Dr Quinn’ before dinner.
It was about the ‘Washita Massacre‘.
I cried my way through the whole thing

Bri & Abby arrived around 9:30pm.
They were full of beans, tired but hungry so I was glad we had saved enough dinner for them.


I woke early again but was quite tired.
I had so much whirling around in my mind.
I am finding that if that happens and I get up and do something I am fine.
But if I don’t then things all start swirling and I end up getting overwhelmed by melancholy.
I have begun an art journalizing journey.
My councilor suggested it and it has taken me a while but I have begun so hopefully that will help.

I was feeling very vulnerable and an emotional mess most of the day.
I know what I am walking through will take time but it is so darned hard sometimes

The weather was beginning to change.
Roger, George & Oliver popped in to say goodbye as they were boating back to Havelock.
Jenn & Ray decided to vacate the campsite due to the forecast too so they came in to see us before leaving.
It was a busy kitchen as they were all wanting to talk.
At the same time Anson was here and Tim & I were trying to help him with his studies
Then Josh arrived with Ryan & Nathan to pick Anson up and take him over to Manaroa to the speed shear.
So we did what we could with his studies and then he went home to pack while we had a lovely catch up with Josh.
He lived and worked with us 20 years ago from when he was 16 for several years, but even though we live relatively close we don’t get to see much of him these days as our lives are so busy.

I was really weary so took my book to bed and read and dozed for a few hours until Kathryn came to visit.
We talked for a while and then I got up and made myself some late lunch.
Tim & I had a good talk with Sunni & Mat before dinner.
It was really good to pick their brains and get some business advice.

Sunni made dinner while Mat showed me some stuff about his business on the net.
After dinner I sat by the fire and finished my book.
I am so enjoying this ‘Chronicles of the Kings‘ series by Lynn Austin.
She really brings the Bible and history to life.

There was an emergency power shut down just as we were finished dinner and the younger children were going off to bed.
The older ones chatted by candle light around the table for a while.
Tim & I went off to bed.
I didn’t stay awake long at all!

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