Easter Sunday & Monday

Sunday was wet as!
It rained all day.
Peter & Kathryn packed up and left after breakfast.
We didn’t do a heck of a lot apart from many loads through the washing machine and dryer.
It is making a weird ‘expensive’ sounding noise
Cat took a crew out in the yacht for a few hours despite the rain.
Tim slept.
I watched Dr Quinn with the kids.
Leeann made a venison casserole for dinner.
I made a delectably delicious lemon meringue pie.
After dinner some of the older troops went around to visit Anson.

The rain cleared so Tim made the call to go fishing.
We all went – yes, even me!

While we waited on the wharf for Cat to filler dive tanks and Tim to fill the diesel tank, Shanni & Bri cast out their lines.

The day was overcast, grey, damp, but calm.
The bay was like a mirror.
Home from two perspectives.

On the way we stopped to pick up Glenn & Tik and 3 of their friends.
They left their boat tied to a mussel line for the day.

Then we stopped at another of our mussel lines so Tim & Anson could tie a float on as it was sinking.
First you have to hook the line.

In two places.

Then winch it up.

And while it is out of the water scrape off the growth of blue mussels.

Then tie another float in place.

And leave them to grow some more.

Once we went around West Entry it got a bit cooler and windy and I retreated into the cabin cuz there was a bit of sea spray being thrown up,
Bri was doing a pretty good impression of being a bowsprit!

When we finally found the rock that Cat wanted to dive on she and Mat got into their drysuits.

And put on all the extra kit they need underwater all the while trying to keep balance on the ever rocking boat.

On with the tanks

And into the water!

And away down into the depths to look for that elusive crayfish.

Meanwhile on the surface the fishing lines were going over the side.

Some fished and others watched.

And others just read!

One of the cuter more colourful fish caught today.

We got our quota of blue cod.
The rules say we can only take 2 per person and they must be between 30-35cm in length

We were going to have a cook up onboard and had taken the butter and breadcrumbs but forgot the gar bottle for the stove – duh!
So filled ourselves up on chips, chocolate, pears and apples.

45mins later the divers surfaced.
The had their catch bag full –

– of moki – no crays today.

One nice sized one and the others smaller.

It was a bit bleak and roly so Tim decided to head home.
We passed the seals at West Entry to went closer to have a look.

We didn’t notice at first but there was a weka down on the rocks in amongst the seals.
Crazy bird!

We got home around 3pm and were unloading when a guy rowed in to visit us from a boat anchored nearby.
Turned out to be someone Tim had gotten a dog from back in the early 1980’s and he was keen to met Tim so he had come looking for him.
They had a good chat and then Tim took Cat & Leeann out for another dive on a wreck.

The rest of us came home and had something to eat.
Sunni helped Mahalia to tidy her room and Mat helped Azzan to take all his posters and bookshelves down.
I finished my book.

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