Monday night/Tuesday – au revoir Sunni & Mat

Monday Night

After the day out fishing it was time for some good old relaxing time in the spa.
Shanni hardly ever uses it so it was good to see her in there spending sisterly time with Bri.

Sunni & Mat stuffed and baked the moki.
I was too slow to get a pre-eating photo – Cat had already begun to serve it here.
The couscous stuffing was divine!
There wasn’t a lot left by the end of dinner.

After dinner we put the 2 youngest to bed and then the rest of us had a family pow wow around the table.
It was a good time to have a discussion about the future of the farm and business while most of the family were together.


It was an early start cuz Anson was leaving for Nelson at 7:45am and taking Sunni & Mat with him as they had a plane to catch.
We woke the children up to say goodbye – Shanni wasn’t too keen on opening her eyes that early in the morning

It is such a shame it is an expensive plane trip to get to see each other.
The times we share are too short but very precious.
It was also super cool to have Mat come to visit so we could all get to know him.

The weather had packed up.
From the glassy calm day we had out fishing – to this.
We have had two days of serious south westerly gales.

I cleared a lot of stuff out of the hall.
Tried to clean up and sort junk.

I was feeling rather down.
My emotions were matching the weather.
Sad and tumultuous.
It was exactly 365 days
52 weeks
12 months
1 year
since Mum died.
No matter how you say it,
It is a long time.
also a short time.

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