Stormy days


It was Bri & Abby’s turn to leave.

They managed to get out despite the storm.
It was a pretty hairy drive though from reports I heard.
Abby commented later that there were men out with diggers and chainsaws clearing tracks through the fallen trees and holding branches back so traffic could get through.
The wind and rain were pretty relentless.
There were trees coming down banks.
The power was out most of the two days.
It would flick on for a short time every now and then just to remind us that there were some wonderful guys out in the storm working their butts off to get the power reconnected for us.
The phone also went out for a while and once again the guys were onto it.
We so appreciate them.
Thanks fellas!!

The waves were pounding in relentlessly for two days.
It takes a very big southerly/southeasterly to bring waves into our beach like this.

Anson came around and he did some of his school work with Shanni & Azzan.
Then he cracked the whip and got Mahalia to do some too.
I know it is technically the school holidays still but we actually have a week at home so it is a good chance to get some academia done.

Boris & Morgane painted Azzan’s small bedroom.
It looks so good.
It really is amazing how much fresher things look with a new coat of paint.

Cat got Azzan to help her fix his rabbit’s cage.
She taught him how to use the saw so he could shorten the legs to make it more stable.
He told me that he is not really into woodwork but he quite enjoyed doing it

Mahalia filled up the woodbins and then before putting the wheel barrow away she & Zani loaded the rest of the rotten floor boards on and took them away.

Leeann cooked dinner on the woodstove.
Venison casserole, roast parsnip and pumpkin, and boiled spuds.
I made crayfish morney as I don’t like venison.
The power was off and the stove wouldn’t come up in temperature so Cat brought the gas hobs down to finish off the vegetables.
We had a battery connected to the 12V light which lights the kitchen area.
It is really cosy in the living area with both fires blazing on these chilly nights.
But the rest of the house was like an iceberg.

I was in the process of making some cards and wanted to get some more done to them.
So I lit a candle and tried to work by its light.
How’s that for dedication!!
It was quite difficult to see still so I got a spare halogen torch and worked with that for a wee while.
I managed to get a couple more cards made.
You can see the small amount of light the 12V battery was putting out in the kitchen over the other side of me.

Despite the power cuts and the busy days I have managed to make these few cards over the past few days.
I have had some early mornings too.It is so lovely and peaceful when I get up at 5am.

I sat in the lounge after everyone had gone off to bed and enjoyed a quiet time by the fire with a hot drink and some chocolate fudge slice I had made earlier
The power came back on again just after 9pm.
I went to go to bed and fell over Azzan.
He had dragged all of his bedding along the hall from Shanni’s room and was sleeping on the cold hard hall floor.
I got him to move into the lounge and sleep on the sofa where it was warmer.
He would’ve turned into an ice block overnight!

I was about to go off to bed when Jesika called up so we skyped for a while.
She needed to hear what we had all talked about and how the weekend had gone.
She might be a million miles away but her heart is still at home

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