Thursday – our holidays are coming to a rapid finish!


I have had this cartoon on my office wall for years.
It has come down recently to make way for other junk progress.
Thought I would share it with you.
I really identify with Edna sometimes

I was up early this morning and managed to sneak out and make a card before Azzan woke up.
He was sleeping on the sofa beside my art table.

Then once it was light I wallowed in the spa for half an hour with my book.
While the others had breakfast I clearer out the small bedroom we have been using as a sewing room.
It is all going to be transferred into Azzan’s old room as soon as the floor is finished in there.
In the meantime the piles of fabrics etc are sitting on the tables int he school room and the machines etc are in the hall.

Anson, Tim, Nathan & Boris went mustering this morning.
Anson is keen to get the shearing done before he leaves.
He is on countdown and the weather has been frustrating his plans.

Morgane peeled a couple of pots of apples and pears.
Then she sanded the next bedroom ready for painting.
Boris has helped her paint it this afternoon.
This will be Mahalia’s room once it is all finished.
Leeann and I made a large pot of soup from the venison hocks she had boiled up yesterday.
The children have been doing chores and school work.
I spent the rest of the morning trying to sort out paperwork and pay bills.
Cat has been working on her yacht and weed eating the lawns today.
The grass was so long you could almost make hay from them!

The wind is beginning to die away.
The waves pounding the beach are getting smaller and smaller throughout the day.

Leann & Cat are having dinner with Anson tonight so we will be just a small family. I am feeling the holidays speeding through my fingers.
Only a few more days and we have to head out to town.
There is such a lot I still want to achieve. I somehow don’t think I will get everything done.
Not to worry – guess what doesn’t happen will wait till next holidays!

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