Last weekend of the holidays – part 1


I got up early and spent an hour making this baby card.
It is for twins – I thought it was really cute.

The weather was settling down so Cat decided to take Leeann, David, Sasha, Boris & Morgane out sailing and diving.
They headed off around midday towards Port Gore.
The plan is to dive on the Mikhail Lermontov.

Before they left I got Boris & Morgane to prepare some veges for dinner.
Tim put a roast of mutton in the wood stove.
I roasted up potatoes and parsnip, boiled carrots and made leeks in a white sauce.
It was a very delicious dinner.

Mahalia was left to finish painting her room.
She wanted to splash out with some more blue so I suggested the side of the bunk.

By evening the blue had spread!

I worked with Nathan in the morning – helping him to sort out his school work and how to plan his study schedule.
It is hard because he has never had to knuckle down before and actually do set study.
We have always been very relaxed and informal with our learning programme.
It takes a bit to get your head around all the work books.
Some, like ‘Classical Studies’, are straight forward, but others, such as English are frustrating cuz they flip from one thing to another and they are not systematic.
We had organised with the Correspondence School at the beginning that he would only do 4 subjects to start with to give him time to learn how it all works and so he wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.
He chose English, Maths, Latin & Classical Studies.
However, at the recent tutorial day he attended the science teacher was there and decided in his wisdom to dump Science on him too.
I was rather cross.
So at the moment I have told him to put Science to one side and pick it up later when he feels able to cope with it.
He is now adding a Gateway programme which is tied in with his voluntary work at The Wood.
That is also involving some workbooks along side the practical work.
I have set him up with a spread sheet to keep a track of what he is doing.
Hopefully that will make it a bit easier for him to get his head around it all.

We managed to get all of that sorted and he did a half an hour of work before lunch and then he went down to rousie for the afternoon so Shanni could spend some time with Katherine.
They helped me do some stuff after lunch and then they went for a bike ride.
Herbie & Errilyn came and had lunch with us and then plowed through a massive pile of dishes.
Errilyn went for a rest and Herbie decided to take a look at the truck and see if he could fix it.

I spent all afternoon reworking the submission for our courtcase.
The Christchurch earthquake prevented the hearing back in February and we have just heard it has been rescheduled for May.
I was very glad to get it all done and ready for Tim to proof read.

After all that brain work I was glad to collapse in front of ‘Dr Quinn’ while dinner finished cooking.
We ate quite late and then the children went straight off to bed.
Azzan is sleeping on the floor in our room at present so there is not a lot of floor space left.
Not too sure how I am going to find my clothes to pack for town next week
Just hoping we can get the rooms into some semblance of order before leaving.



I woke to this glorious sky this morning.

Tim spotted 2 figures walking down to the wharf in the dawnlight.
It was Shoshannah & Katherine.
They were up before the birds and going down to look for penguins.
They found some under the woolshed.
The penguins under our house at present are in full vocal force.
Must be nesting time I guess.
It sure is hard to sleep at present with their operatic performances going under the floor boards most of the night 

The girls made pancakes for breakfast.

Then they hung out the washing while Azzan washed the breakfast dishes and Mahalia got the paint out again.
Mahalia & Katherine got stuck in to painting the bedroom.
It just had a bit more to get done to finish it off.

I had to make sure Katherine was ‘contained’ as she was getting rather carried away with the blue paint

Mahalia finishing up the last few touches of ‘Splash‘ behind her door.

Shanni helped out and painted some messy patches in the hall.
 Azzan kept on wanting to be in the way of the painters.
Bit tough being the odd wee fella out sometimes

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