Shearing, painting, visitors and surprises!

I spotted the Spirit of New Zealand sailing out of the Sound mid morning.
I think my cousin Jonty is on this sailing so I was waving to him.
Don’t think he would’ve seen me though as it was 3 miles away!
Don’t you just love long distance lenses

Anson began shearing so I spent all morning in the kitchen.
There is something about shearing that invokes the need to be organised and to supply copious quantities of food.
I was so organised (not!) that I missed the 9:30am smoko because I didn’t get the muffins into the oven early enough.
But I did make enough so that I had plenty for the afternoon smoko so I wasn’t late with that
Anson kept shearing until nearly 10am until they were cooked.
Mahalia was my run-a-bout for the day so she delivered them steaming from the oven along with their hot drinks.
She was very helpful throughout the day.
Tim started out as rousie until Boris could get down there after his breakfast.
Shanni spent most of the day helping out there too.
She said at the end of the day that she really enjoyed working in the shed despite it being a long tiring day.

I made a huge macaroni/vegetable dish for lunch – it was enough for two days lunches which was great.
I made a fish pie for dinner – used the mushrooms that Anson had found up the hill which gave it a lovely flavour despite the grey colour!
Also made a triple size banana cake which we used for the Saturday smokos.
By lunch time I was totally knackered so after lunch I blobbed out for an hour – put my feet up and watched ‘Dr Quinn’.

Cat got the kids helping with the painting process.
Azzan had to clean the blue paint off the door to his new bedroom.
Mahalia lives here at the moment and had painted the door a while back using some of our school paints.

They are a real dog to get off despite being waterbased.
So Cat unscrewed the door off it’s hinges and took it out onto the deck so Azzan could waterblast it.

He managed to get it down to this – it is now going to need some hard scrubbing!
One thing about an old house – the children have been allowed plenty of freedom over the years to ‘decorate’ their rooms so there are heaps of nails and layers of paint to deal with

Mahalia spent most of the day painting her new room with Morgane.

Cat decided to paint each door off the hall a different colour.
She reckoned it would make easier when telling folk which room to go to!!
This is only the first coat of three of the doors, the white surrounds have to be done still.
We have 7 doors off the hall and Cat has some lovely bright test pots.

David & Sasha arrived in the arvo and brought a surprise visitor with them.
I had been planning this surprise for Shanni for a couple of days.
They brought her very best friend Katherine down.
She didn’t know herself that she was coming until a couple of hours before D&S picked her up.
Shanni was working in the woolshed and Katherine went down to see her.
The girls were so delighted to see each other.
I got a text from Shanni ‘THANX SO MUCH MUM’
I think she was happy
Katherine spent the rest of the afternoon helping in the woolshed.
I had to laugh – when she came up at one point she was chattering away about it being so yucky down there.
She wasn’t really complaining – just saying it – with a big smile on her face so can’t have been too bad.

She’s obviously a city girl

After dinner Cat took Boris, Morgane & Leeann out possum hunting. The truck conked out just after they left so they came back and took the Terrano.
They came home with 4 possums.

Errilyn & Herbie (aka Nathan) arrived at 9:30am with their cute wee 6week old Malachi.
We had a cuppa and chatted a while until we all needed to find our beds.

Sunni left me a book called ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Sunni has read the book several times and thoroughly recommended I should read it.
I have spent several days trying to get into it and would have put it down days ago except that Sunni was keen for me to read it.
I have persevered and am now hooked.
It took about 10 chapters before I was though!

One thought on “Shearing, painting, visitors and surprises!

  1. I love old houses — for precisely the reason you mentioned.  I’d never dream of making odd little changes to something “perfect” and new, but an old house invites personal touches.  What a lovely idea for the colored doors!We are nearly finished with similar changes to the boys’ room — building loft-ish beds to increase play space beneath…

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