Tuesday morning with Kathy

Despite the rain overnight the day dawned sunny.
Azzan spent all morning making books and creating things with and for Kathy.
After all our traveling the past few weeks he was very happy to have the time and the space and to be let loose with a lot of Kathy’s stash

Kathy had left the Lego out for him but he was not the slightest bit interested.
Shanni was though.
She spent hours building.

She made herself some glasses – very funky!

Then Shanni got into the paper craft too and started making a mosaic picture.

Azzan present Kathy with yet another ‘thank you’ work of art.

I slobbed it in my dressing gown till mid morning.
It was nice not to have to rush.
Nathan spent most of the morning reclining on his bed with his computer.

All too soon it was lunch time.
We ate well again.
Kathy – you are amazing

Azzan had made a sign to add to Kathy’s B&B man.
I think it said – ‘Welcome to Kathy’s place’.

Because Kathy was taking a photo of us for her visitors book I got her to take one on my camera too,

It was after 1pm so we had to hop on board again and head down the road.
We had a 2pm appointment to keep.

Thanks for having us Kathy – it was lovely to visit you in your new B&B.
We will return

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