A lazy day

We had a very blobby day today.
I stayed in bed till way after 9am.
Azzan & Shanni watched tv, ate late breakfasts, and watched more tv.
Nathan played on his computer up in his mezzanine bed.
I talked with Hanne throughout the morning.
I was feeling a bit under the weather.
My neck and shoulder were very achey resulting in a nagging headache that would not go away even with Panadeine.

Hanne made a delicious lentil soup for lunch.
Then I took the children out for a few hours.
We went to the Coastlands Mall looking for the pharmacy.
I found a zip-up checked top and some grey pants for Azzan in the Farmers sale.
He was delighted
Eventually found the pharmacy right down the far end of the mall.
Raced back to the car and headed out to the Southward Car Museum.
We spent a good hour or more there.
Nathan really enjoyed looking at all the cars.
The oldest ones dated back to 1895.

Azzan wasn’t terribly interested in the cars but he did enjoy the bent wobbly mirror that made you look weird.

Shanni bought a couple of t-shirts and Nathan bought a neck pendant.
Then we whizzed back to Countdown.
I did a whirlwind circuit and got the basics we needed.
Then dropped Nathan off with the groceries for Hanne.
I went down the road a bit further and visited Wendy & Oakley.
Azzan enjoyed playing with the baby.
Although he is not too much baby anymore – just turned one year old on Monday.
He is a wee cutie – Shanni took lots of photos of him before we had to leave just before 6pm.
It was beginning to rain.
Just as we were unpacking the car, Leeann & Cat arrived.
Cat loaded a small gas oven into our vehicle – she had sold it on TradeMe and needed it delivered to Nelson.

We sat around chatting before dinner.
I was feeling a bit yuck so had a short lie down.

Dinner was delicious.
It was good to sit and talk for a while.
Then the day was over and it was time for visitors to leave and us to head to bed.
The rain has set in.
It is southerly and cold outside.
I am hoping it will blow over before morning.

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