Friday 27th in Nelson

Frances & John are cleaning out their place and getting rid of heaps of stuff.
John presented Nathan with a set of braces and a hat.
Nathan was taking Seb’s car and going to do his volunteering at The Wood.
I thought he really looked the part.

Afterwards he was meeting up with Paul and having a banjo lesson and then helping Seb & Phoebe to juggle cars.
Seb now has no licence  for 6 months so he has to get his cars organised.
Phoebe drove up so her car was in the equation too.
I left them to sort that mission

The rest of us packed up and headed into town an hour later.
I had time to zip over to Tahunanui and get rid of the gas oven Cat had asked me to bring over and to also go back to the Auto Transmission guys who serviced the Terrano a few weeks ago.
They just had to tweak something as it was not running through the gears properly.
Apparently it takes time to get them to settle in after a major service.

Then I dropped Eilidh & the kids at the library while I went to see my councilor.
After that I had a few things to do in town.
We decided that the Baked Potato stand looked very appealing so while Shanni got them for lunch I shot up to see the lawyer.

Then it was back to the house to pack up and leave.
We got to Victoria’s at 3pm.
I was starving so was glad to finally be able to sit and eat my luke warm stuffed baked potato and chat with Victoria while the kids played.
Another friend arrived with her 4 children.
They were all crazy – running around like mad critters.
Azzan was all read and sweat glistened when he stopped in for a drink!

I was feeling really tired so just stopping and sitting made me not want to get back into the car in a hurry.
But Shanni was stressing about getting home so we left just after 4pm.
The kids connected themselves to the dvd player and Eilidh and I were able to talk in peace.
The drive home was relatively uneventful.
The rain had not created too many problems along the way.
The main problem now is that the council has spread freshly cut gravel on the road and it is very sharp resulting in a lot of flat tyres
Tim had warned us so we were driving carefully.
We came upon Danny & Lyn changing a tyre so I was praying hard that we wouldn’t get one too.

Seb, Nathan & Phoebe had not long arrived home when we got there so we were all unloading and juggling vehicles at the back door

I got the kids fed & headed towards bed and then made poached eggs on toast for Eilidh & myself.

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