Saturday – finally a day at home :-)

I spent Saturday trying to get the huge mountain of washing done.
I thought I had plenty to do just from unpacking all of our bags.
But when I went to put a load in the dryer I found a very large load of very damp and extremely smelly sheets and towels.
They had been in there a while and had not been dried properly because it was too big a load.
So I had to rewash them in 2 loads.
There was boxes of veges to unpack but very little fridge space for them.
Thankfully it is colder now so some of them can sit in the wash house until Seb takes his food to work with him on Sunday night.

Mahalia & Azzan were extremely pleased to be together again and were having a lot of fun sorting out their jelly beans from the Candy Shop.
They were also helping each other unpack and clean up their rooms etc.
Mahalia was delightedly showing me that she had been practising & could play more of her piano piece

I made soup for lunch and cleaned up around the kitchen.
Tim & Mahalia had obviously been too busy outside to be doing much indoors.
She hadn’t even unpacked her town bags so that was more washing.
And despite the breeze I didn’t even consider putting any on the line – it was all a bit much really
I just wanted to get it done and dried and away.

I also decided that I seriously need to start back on Weight Watchers again.
I have had such a bad few years emotionally that my weight has skyrocketed beyond what it was when I began losing 4 years ago.
Very depressing.
My Dr had told me to not even think about trying a few months ago when I was at rock bottom.
But I can’t do it any longer.
Especially as my winter clothes just don’t fit.
So I took the plunge, pushed the buttons, paid my 3 months and joined up again.
So here’s to trying again!

Eilidh went through all my knitting needles cuz she is going to knit a top for me.
We got some wool at Spotlight on Friday.
This is what it looks like but mine will be multi coloured without pockets.

When Mahalia saw what she was doing she got all excited and remembered when Megan taught her to knit several years ago.
Next thing Eilidh had both the girls started and the were sitting around having a great old knitting circle!
Shanni was also having fun with all the new embroidery threads I had bought for her.
We found some in the bargain bin at Spotlight, so she had the table covered with them and all her beads and necklace making stuff.

I tried to get some things done in the study.
There is a big pile up of mail to wade through.
Payback for being away I guess
I was planning on having an arvo sleep but ended up helping Seb with banking etc.
At least the study was warm.
It was freezing everywhere else.
The temperature has really dropped since we got home.
Tim has put an extra heater in here for me which makes it a much nicer environment to work in but it also makes the rest of the house feel so much colder.

While I was away Tim discovered that when the study got flooded from the heavy rain the carpet had gotten wet too.
He had pulled the desk out and moved things to be able to dry it out for me.
I am so pleased he was able to do this while I was away but I now have multiple piles to sort through to find stuff.

After dinner Tim put the kids to bed while we did dishes and more washing – the pile of dirty washing has diminished but the pile of clean yet to be folded is growing – deal with that later!

Then Eilidh, he & I watched The King’s Speech.
I had had it on pre-order at The Warehouse so brought it home with me.
It was really good.

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