Sunday & Monday – at home :-)

The weather has turned much colder.
We have been very spoilt this winter so far.
It has been much wetter than usual but not as cold.

I all of a sudden realised that we are now just over 3 weeks from the shortest day and that the sun has gone from the house.
I have not been home much over the past month so the inevitable has just snuck up on me.
We now have about 6 weeks with no sun.
The fires are both being kept going and I have just turned on the hall heater cuz it was like an ice box down the bedroom end of the house.

Sunday was very much a blob out day.
I am having major neck and back pain which is causing headaches.
I can endure it mostly without pain killers but by the arvo I resorted to taking something.
It didn’t help a lot though

I spent several hours sleeping and reading on the sofa.
Eilidh was reading on the other one – but when I looked over she was also sleeping!

Graham came around for fellowship and lunch.
Then he finished nailing down the bedroom floor he laid over a month back.
It hasn’t dried as much as he hoped so it may have to have more done to it later on.

Seb & Phoebe stayed for Sunday night dinner and then headed out to Havelock.
Phoebe is Seb’s driver at the moment

Mahalia gave me a wonderful head, face & back massage before she went to bed.
It was lovely and allowed me to sleep well.

Tim spent most of the past two days putting carpet into that room and Azzan’s ‘new’ room.
There is no underfelt so that will have to be redone as soon as Tim locates some.
In the meantime though Azzan is delighted to be able to move into his room.
He has been camping in Shanni’s room – which has not really suited either of them – despite the fact that when he was a baby he slept with her for months, if not years.

Shanni & I moved his set of drawers in and then decided his bed would fit in under his table.
Tim altered the legs under it so now there is only 1 instead of heaps.
And because he is still not too tall it fits under without cramping his style!
He has a high bunk too so he alternates where he sleeps depending on his mood.
After sorting all his clothes and putting them away tidily into the drawers I left him to unpack and sort out all his treasures.

His bookcase was painted the same yellow as his door and he decided he wanted it ‘right there’ on his glittery blue wall!
He has another book case built into the wall on the opposite side of the room.
He asked me if he could put books in there.
I was side-tracked and said yes without giving to much though beyond that he was putting his own books in there.
When I checked up on him a bit later on her had stripped out heaps of books from the hall bookcase which I have sorted into authors and types.
I had to put the brakes on him and sort out the ones he could keep and the ones which are beyond him yet.
Mind you – there doesn’t seem to be many books beyond him these days
His latest focus is the human body and procreation.
The library certainly had many books on this topic which is keeping him happy at present.
He is only 8 but has a yearning to know things beyond his years
I am finding that I have to be honest with him and not try and hide things just because we think he is too young.
Sometimes answering his questions is a bit tricky – esp when he asks in front of a crowd.
I am trying to teach him to be a little more discreet and come to me in private

He was happily engrossed in a ‘Captain Underpants‘ book when I went to say good night.
He still has lots to sort through but at least the mess in the hall is lessening.

Mahalia also spent time sorting her room.
She had only just moved in when we went off to town so it was still in a major pickle.
She was happy to have some of her pictures up on the walls again and very proud of the placement of them – ‘not too crowded Mummy’.

Of course I had to take a photo of Shanni’s room too.
They all have very individual rooms – very much them!

I had to have words with a certain 15yr old because of his lack of initiative & attentiveness towards his school work.
He has lost his laptop for now until he starts showing some responsibility.
Playing computer games is way too absorbing and monopolising of his time.
It is not easy being a parent sometimes and it is too easy to spoil and not to make the hard calls.
I have really been trying everything lately and finally had to put my foot down

The breadmaker has broken down so Eilidh made some Artisan bread.
It was delicious.
We had a late lunch so we could enjoy it.
There was not a lot left!

Mahalia cooked most of the dinner with Eilidh’s help.
She made a delicious fish dish in our new frypan.
They also stuffed one of Shanni’s marrows.
Eilidh had never seen a marrow before so enjoyed the preparing and eating experience.
I chucked some pumpkin on to boil and some brown rice in the rice cooker.

I headed off to bed around 9pm.
I have a new stash of books so a good reason to get to bed early

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