Saturday – wet!

My intentions for Saturday were to get moving fairly quickly into the day and make a huge hole on the piles of materials, and try and get the hall and school room done.
However, before I could make the start I was showing Tim some properties on the internet when Jesika skyped us.
Shanni had been wanting to talk to her and as we and she are so busy we hardly manage to find time when we are all at home.
Then no sooner had we begun talking to Jesika when the phone went and it was Bri.
Once again, our lives are busy and we don’t get to talk often, and today was the day!
It got a bit crazy with us all having two separate conversations on skype and phone in the study so I went searching for the mobile phone and Shanni so she could talk to Bri somewhere else!

Most of the morning was taken up with the 2 calls – which was really nice.
We all rotated conversations and had time to talk to both the girls.

I then went out and read my book in the spa for 10 mins.
It was about midday before I got to have my breakfast.
Then Mahalia and I got busy in the school room.
I decided that I needed to be as ruthless as possible in the material sorting.
I have a huge stash from when I used to sew in my previous life.
The stash has been moved several times.
The last move was from Waterfall Bay into one bedroom and then into the school room while the bedrooms were being painted.
I knew that I didn’t have as much room in the new sewing room so it was a very good time to get rid of some.
We managed to cull out 4 banana boxes of fabric and 3 rubbish sacks of fabric pieces!
And I still have heaps left to play with.
And a major amount of sewing accessories to sort out yet.

Mahalia was getting very excited about making this and making that and ‘please Mummy, will you teach me to sew?’
I also found 3 lengths I had bought for specifically for myself, guess it is time to get the machines cranked up again

In amongst all of this Tim & I had another rather emotional upheaval over Nathan and his lack of motivation towards his lessons
I am just so tired of it all and do not know what to do with him anymore.
He is such a good kid and we have great times together.
But lately he has become so difficult.
It doesn’t matter what approach I take it is always wrong.
Some serious prayer needed here methinks.

It was pouring down again.
But Tim had mussel work to do so he headed out in the rain after lunch to do it.
He didn’t get back till after dark.
I don’t like him working on the boat on his own but he was insistent that the work had to be done and he wouldn’t take Nathan as he was going to do his school work.
But he didn’t – which made me mad – again!

Tim smoked up some salmon for lunch and dinner.
It was so delicious.
We devoured most of it while it was fresh and warm.

Shanni has been giving her room a huge clean out so she carried on doing that when it was too wet to be outdoors.
Mahalia and I got the material all moved and began cleaning the school room, and then put away more stuff into the attic.
The boxes going out are all loaded into the Terrano ready for their journey to town.
My friend Rachel sews so she will take it all off my hands.
It is easier to be this ruthless when I know it is going to a good home
The hall is getting clearer.
Still got a ways to go yet but progress is visable

We rewarded ourselves by watching a few more episodes of ‘House of Eliott’.
Then it was time for bed.
It was a busy day but we did get some feet up time as well.
A good balanced day

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