Busy days, visitors and eclipses

The mornings have been a tad cold so I have had a warm up wallow in the spa before breakfast the past couple of days.
Helps to have a good book to read whilst in there

Tim & David worked on the woolshed in the morning and shucked oysters and then went over the hill after lunch to get another load of firewood.
Eilidh hugged the fire for some of the morning then sorted the caravan bedding for me.

Mid morning I had a very pleasant surprise.
Sandra & Phil came over for morning tea, bringing Jeanette and g’daughter Emma with them.
I made some yummy muffins and we had a great old chinwag.
They headed off home around midday and then I tried to get the kids to pack for town.
Mahalia helped Azzan tidy his room but he still couldn’t find stuff.
I ended up having a further tidy session in there and managed to find most of his missing clothes except for one ballet shoe – which we then tracked down to the Harris house where Azzan had left it last weekend.
I decided by late afternoon that I had done enough so sat down to watch some more House of Eliott.
Then it was dinner time.
Another steak & oyster pie made by Nathan.
Very tasty.

David & Eilidh did the last diner dishes for their visits.
David was trying to lessen the height gap so shrunk at the knees when I took the photo – I guess he never realised that in so doing he would have a broom sprouting from his head

After dinner Nathan played a game of chess with David, Tim read to the children, and Eilidh & I watched the last two episodes of Series 2 from ‘House of Eliott’.


I woke at 4:30am so zipped through the shower and woke Nathan & Shanni at 5am.
Then the others soon after.
We were packed and gone by 5:50am.

As I got to the top of the hill I remembered there was going to be a Lunar Eclipse
so as we drove I stopped along the way to record it.
The moon was brilliant with just a little cloud wisping around it – the children were fascinated by it.
We were also wondering how much of the early morning sky cloud was from the Chilean volcanic ash.
As we drove we were listening to the news saying that all the South Island airports were closed this morning because the ash was now much lower in the atmosphere.




Unfortunately as we drove down into Okiwi Bay we lost sight of the rest of the eclipse due to the hills.
But what we did see was pretty darned marvelous.

I was really struggling to stay awake for the last half an hour or so of the trip.
I realised when I got to Nelson that I had been awake for 4 hours already

I dropped Nathan off at The Wood and then took the kids out with me for my first appointment.
I had booked last minute for a luxury facial because I had a discount voucher which needed using before it outdated.

Tina was great and took the kids upstairs and let them make them selves at home with their dvd player and books.
I lay back and relaxed for an hour.
It was bliss.
She not only does a facial but also shoulders and neck massage AND feet massage are included in the package.
It helped rejuvenate me and allowed me to deal with the rest of the day without too much stress.
Shanni couldn’t seem to understand why she couldn’t have one too – I tried to explain to her that at my age and stage of life I had sorta earned a bit of pampering, but I don’t think she really got it

We had time to drop the computer off for a spot of TLC at my geeks place and then allowing Azzan 5 minutes to sort some books out at the library before dropping Shanni at speech and Mahalia & Azzan at piano.
I then went and got my lunch before picking up Shanni again and meeting Phillipa & Lydia.
We chatted for half an hour and then I had to whiz Shanni to piano.
Nathan met us there.
I left them and took Mahalia to do a couple of jobs.
Had to see lawyer, accountant and then WINZ.
I was really good this time.
I used the stairs each time and not the lift and got my cardio workout for the day!!

I got back to the School of Music in time to hear the end of Azzan’s violin lesson.
The 4 young folk are sounding really good.
Fleur is really getting a lot out of them.
She has been a great choice as their new teacher.

We waited for Nathan to finish piano and then picked up Shanni from clarinet on our way to gymnastics.
I chatted with Victoria & Jo while doing some cross stitch.
I started a wee picture called Picanini CanCan several years back but was struggling with my eye sight so it stayed in the packet.
I have just got it out again recently and am getting it down quite quickly now.
It will be really cute when finished.

Victoria took M&A to dancing for me, Shanni went home with Katherine, I unloaded all the patterns into Rachel’s van and after a chat with her and Chrissy I took Nathan into town.
He sat in the car and read while I went to try some clothes on.
Then we zipped through the supermarket, met up with Mahalia & Shanni and went out to get Azzan from jazz.
He finishes at Annesbrook at 5:45 and as we had everything all done Nathan was able to drive us straight back to the house.
The kids watched ‘Tangled’ while they ate their dinner.
Shanni had won a new release voucher at the Rai A&P show and had been wanting to use it for ages.
As new releases are only overnighters we had to work it into a time when we were in town.
The children are all in bed now.
It is really chilly tonight so I am going to fill m hottie and head off to bed to.
My eyes have been really sore today – they need sleep.

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