A normal sorta few days

We have been home these past three days.
Not really anything too major happening.

Tim has been busy conditioning mussel ropes – often in the rain.
Shanni helped a bit with that.

Seb came in on his mussel boat to get the ropes yesterday.
They did all the reseeding.
Tim has spent quite a lot of time organising various companies and boats for harvesting.
With the rain though there has been a harvest closure and also the change in weather has probably caused some spawning :-/

Shanni has not been feeling terribly well so she has spent a lot of time curled up on the sofa with her book.
She does take interludes to walk the puppy or go up the hill with her Dad so she can get a driving lesson!

Mahalia & Azzan have been helping with the cooking.
Mahalia made a delicious fish pie yesterday which lasted us two nights.
She and Azzan got their heads together and decided to make dessert on Monday.
I left them to it.
But when they came asking for things like cooking chocolate I just hoped they weren’t planning to wipe out my whole supply!!!
They produced a small dish from the freezer which I almost needed a crowbar to prise out the very decadent filling.
They had melted the dark chocolate and put marshmellows and apricots in it and then topped it with 100’s & 1000’s!
It was extremely sweet and excessively delicious

Things have been rather fractious around the house.
Not too sure what is going on but there seems to have been a few clashes of attitudes and personalities over the past few days.
Not good

Mahalia & Azzan asked if they could have a midnight feast.
I said yes, but not midnight.
Tim said to just let them do it.
So I went off to bed and left them to organise themselves.
Apparently they couldn’t stay awake that long so they had their feast sometime after 10pm and played with the Sylvanians for a while.
Could be the reason Azzan was so titchy today!

Shanni hasn’t been sleeping well either.
And I woke up at 2am today to hear news on the radio of another big quake in Christchurch.
It was felt way down in Invercargill and up to Picton.
Even though it wasn’t as damaging as the others it apparently was as violent and scary.
They continued to have shakes for the rest of the night

I have been doing office work, sorting out some more dress making patterns.
I have culled out another big box full.
Next will be all the sewing accessories!

Have also been trying to get my head around the new science books I bought the children.
The way I am going I will be ready to begin during the school holidays

Shanni and I sorted her clothes today.
She is getting ready to pack for her time in Australia.
Most exciting – we are on countdown now!!

I have been doing some journaling tonight.
It feels good to get some ink and glue on my fingers.
Trouble is I have to go to town again tomorrow – just when I was really getting in to the swing of it.

So, it is off to bed now.
Tim is going to town also so he can get some of his farm stuff done and then bring home three of the children because Shanni and I are staying over for a few days.

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