Thursday 23 – Sunday 26th June

So much has happened since I last wrote here.
I always say I will not leave it so long but then days go by and I’ve done it again


We all headed out to town as normal.
But abnormally, Tim went too – in his Safari – ahead of us as he was towing a trailer out to Motueka.
Usually I would catch up to him and he would have to eat my dust.
But this time he was on a mission and despite catching glimpses of his lights way up ahead several times I never caught him!

The weather packed a total wobbly and by the time we arrived in Nelson it was pouring down – absolutely torrential stuff!
It would have to be the worst weather I have ever experienced in Nelson in all the times I have been there.
I shot straight out to Stoke to pick up the iMac and drop off a laptop someone left here by mistake.
We came back through Tahunanui and drove around Rocks Road the wind had gotten into gear and was driving the torrents of rain – it was unbelievably heavy.

Thankfully it eased somewhat by the time we got back into the city.
Nathan was driving.
I shot into The Warehouse to get a cd for Nathan.
We then dropped Shanni off at Nelson Beauty Therapy.
I am so full of admiration and thanks to Bedelia there for all the help she has given us in the skin care realms.
She really cares and she really knows her stuff.
She is brilliant.
Thoroughly recommend her to anyone in any stage of life!

I left Nathan listening to his new cd and the younger two in the back seat reading while I ran around the block to get money from one bank and deliver it by bank cheque to another and then back to the car.
When I got there the kids were complaining about Nathan’s choice in music!
The cd was ‘Dino – The Essential Dean Martin
Then it was Nathan’s turn to have a facial steam clean so I left him in Bedelia’s tender care and zipped the kids to piano and Shanni to speech.

Azzan was early for his violin lesson so I had a chance to talk to Fleur while he was warming up.
I asked he if she would be able to give him a private lesson next term in front of the group lesson because he has around an hour there inbetween his piano and violin lessons.
She said that would be great and asked Azzan what he though of having a lesson with just him and her.
He exclaimed with a big smile, ‘A private lesson? – Yes!’
She laughed and commented ‘Look, he has gone all giggly!’
Nothing like a pretty young lady for a tutor to get the motivation going
So it looks like he will begin that next term.

I picked Shanni up from clarinet and then dropped the kids at gymnastics.
It was pouring down again
Zipped into town to meet my sister.
We spent an hour or more chatting upstairs in Cafe Affair.
I had some quite personal stuff to talk about and was very nervous as to how it was all going to go.
But the afternoon went well and we conquered a lot of mountains and parted company feeling much better about a lot of stuff.
I then went and spent an hour with my counselor.
That went well too.
I am making positive inroads.

Tim had gotten back into town so had down the last part of the running around with the kids.
I picked Mahalia up and we went to get pizza for the hungry hoards.
While it was cooking I shot up the hill and collected Shanni – she had gone home with Katherine after gym.
We then met Tim, Nathan & Azzan and loaded Mahalia and the pizza on board and they headed home.
Shanni and I went to the supermarket and got some food.
Went back to Atawhai and heated it up and dossed down for the night with Frances & John.
It was doubly lovely to be there because they had some other guests, Linda and her daughter Melissa, who I had known years ago when they owned the camera shop in Nelson.
Sunni also worked for them during her last year at school there.


I had to meet Seb & Phoebe at the lawyers at 10am.
Shanni made the most of her time and went shopping.
She rather enjoys that occupation – watch out Jesika, Melbourne will be like paradise to her!!
We spent the morning at the lawyers and then the bank.
I had a quick trip to see my hairdresser – I was getting a tad wool blind and she gives free fridge trims.
Shanni and I had a baked kumara for lunch and then it was time to take her to her mystery appointment.

I took her to Enriching Day Spa.
I handed the receptionist the GrabOne voucher and said that I had brought Shanni in to use it.
I then added that she had no idea of what she was there for and maybe the lady might like to tel her.
She told Shanni that she was going to be having a 45min 3/4 body massage.
Well! Did Shanni’s face light up with the biggest smile and I got an immediate Thanks-Mum-hug!
I left her to enjoy herself and went off for a drive.
When I returned I chatted with the receptionist for a few minutes.
When Shanni appeared I asked her if it had been a nice experience.
She replied with a big smile – ‘It was an experience I would love to experience again!’
I then took her up to Katherine’s.
She was spending the weekend with her as it was K’s b’day party.

Seb & I had to make the call about the house we have been looking at.
It was a very definite positive so I spent the following hour or so running between the lawyer and bank getting thing finalised.
By the end of the day we had gone unconditional.
Terribly exciting
It is a great first house for Seb & Phoebe. Very sound and lots of scope for them to make it their own.

What made it all the more imperative was that Seb had gotten a call to say he was possibly leaving NZ on the 29th June instead of the 8th July.
So that put the speed on!
He is joining the ‘San Aspiring’, a deep sea fishing boat and will be spending the next 3 months fishing for Antarctic Toothfish near the South Georgia Islands.

I went to meet Seb & Phoebe at the venue they have chosen for their wedding reception.
We had a lovely time chatting with the lady there and organising everything.

By the time we had finished talking things over it was getting dark and cold.
So I said bye to them and headed into town to meet Phillipa.
On the way I called into the supermarket to get something and found pumpkins there on a very good special.
We love pumpkins and they are our main winter vegetable so I loaded up my trolly much to the amusement of other shoppers

Phillipa was also on her own and we hadn’t had a chance to hang out in ages so it was supper cool
We were starving but not too wealthy so decided to eat at The Falafel cafe.
You get a great feed there for a good price.
When we got there we found Jo & Andrew, who were having dinner there too.
We had a lovely time chatting.
I know Jo and Phillipa knew Andrew!!
It really is a small world.

Then it was time to go find some delectable dessert.
Cafe Affair was just around the corner, was cosy and has delicious food.
We chilled out upstairs on the comfy couches and enjoyed the yummiest chocolate brownie.
Finally it was after 9pm and we had to go our separate ways.


I puddled around & just did my own thing.
It was really nice having no kids to have to chase around.
Went into the market mid morning.
Everyone was reveling in the fact that it was the first Saturday Market for weeks if not months that there was no rain.
I found a couple of lovely items there, (won’t divulge what they were as one is for my darling daughter’s 30th b’day pressie ) bought my favourite lunch from The Wrap Shack – a Smoked Salmon and Avocado wrap – they are to die for!

I went out to visit a friend in Lud Valley but she wasn’t home so I came back through town and tracked another friend down.
Nelson was going a bit crazy cuz they were getting ready for the Crusaders vs Sharks rugby match that night.
I was very glad to get out of it.
I spent several hours with Estelle & her Dad.
That was really lovely.
We haven’t caught up in far too long.
In fact it is so long I was quite shocked to find her Mum had died suddenly back in April and I didn’t know.

It was getting dark when I left them and I zipped around the road to go visit some other friends.
Fumio & Sayuri run the Sakura B&B.
Fumio does the most beautiful bone carvings and we often meet up at the market.
It was the first time I had found time to visit them at home.
We had a wonderful few hours.
I really enjoyed chatting with Sayuri and learning how to make Okonomiyaki.
She was making some Dorayaki – small sweet pancakes while I was there and filling them with Azuki bean paste.
They were delicious.
I came away with a small bag full which my children enjoyed when I got home.

It was a really cold evening but sitting at their low traditional table with the heater under it and lots of blankets around it we were very cosy.
Until I had to leave to go home!
I left Shanni another night with Katherine as she was enjoying the party so much.


I picked Shanni up just after 9am.
We went and had breakfast at Melrose House cafe.
It was the last day of the season.
The food was delicious.
We had a little time to pop into a couple of shops and find her a new belt before going to the School of Music for the speech and drama scholarships.
She had never been on stage before so I was quite surprised at how calm she was.
There would have been around 50-70 people in the audience.
There were no apparent nerves.
I sat through about 6-8 other children before she had her turn.
She did a poem called ‘The Mockingbird’ and then a drama piece where she was playing Lisa and talking about being alone in her room.
I had to laugh – it was such a well chosen piece and sounded just like her in the real!
She did really really well.
I was so proud of her.
She got a Very Highly Commended certificate and a voucher for an ice cream which she immediately went over the road and cashed in on a huge Cookies & Cream Ice Cream!

We popped in to visit her first speech teacher Adele to tell her all about it.
She was delighted to see us and hear Shanni had done so well.

Then we went to Alan’s.
Tim had bought a 2nd hand fridge and wanted me to try and bring it home.
It was a tight fit but we got it in along with 15 large pumpkins and all our gear.
We had a major problem with the back door.
The latch jammed and wouldn’t shut properly.
We ended up holding it closed with the spare wheel holder and jamming a piece of firewood in to make sure it stayed closed.
We did a couple of things in town, picked up the chilled things from Frances & John’s and headed home.
Got here just after 6.
The sun was setting as we came around Okuri Hill – it was beautiful.

We have a full house again.
Dave & Michelle had arrived on Sat bringing with them Manuel & Steffan from Germany.
They 2 guys are going to wwoof here for a few weeks.
They seem really nice.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 23 – Sunday 26th June

  1. You are amazing how do you do it all.  I thought my life was busy,  its is laid back in comparison to yours.  Beautifully written, thank you!   A beautiful new home too what a blessings!Christie

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