Last 4 days of June!


Dave, Tim and guys were working on woolshed.
Michele played cards with kids and folded mountains of washing.
I was busy catching up with office work most of the day.
Dave & Michele left later in the afternoon.
It was lovely to catch up with them after so long – come back soon you two!!
I decided it was time to put flannelette sheets on our bed.
Hasn’t really been cold enough to warrant it till now.
Trouble is – they make it hard to get out of in the mornings!!

Just a normal sorta day at home.
Guys working on woolshed again.
Shanni is reading her way through a series of books and is trying to get them finished before leaving so she was curled up on the sofa by the fire in between getting some of her outside things done.
She was getting the avairies and garden up to scratch.
Shanni gave me a delightful foot and shoulder massage before bed.
Really lovely.

Cold wet south easterly.
I stayed in bed till about 10am and read my book till it was finished.
Tim and guys were working on woolshed.
Nuana walked around track and spent day with us.
Shanni & Nuana made sushi for Thursday lunch.
We finally packed Shanni’s & my bags.
I really couldn’t get into the packing mode so ended up just chucking in stuff and hoping it was enough and the right sorta city clothes.
Probably ended up packing far too much!
We had to fit in some of Anson’s heavy shearing gear so we spent time weighing the bags to get them under the 24 kgs.
Anson flies into Melbourne in a couple of months and it was easier for the girls to take his gear than for him to tote it around UK & Europe.


Up at 5am and out the door at 6am.
I took Nathan & Nuana with me.
Tim followed with the younger 3.

When we got to Nelson I got a call telling me that our 3:30pm flight had been cancelled due to mechanical failure so opted for a later flight rather than earlier.
I dropped Nuana home and then took Nathan shopping.
Got him a lovely warm goose down jacket at Kathmandu.
Now he won’t make me feel cold looking at him, and he is smiling because he is warm & happy
We had a 21c off fuel voucher so we lined up the two vehicles and filled them both!!
Then Tim left to do his thing and I took Nathan to The Wood and then ran around the main street doing a few chores.
Then at 11:15am I disappeared into Nelson Beauty Therapy for a couple of hours of deliciousness
Tim got Anson’s new logo put on his truck – it looks fantastic.
I will get a pic soon – forgot to take one when I saw it.
Tim was wondering why people kept turning heads to look!!

I gathered up a large bag of baked potatoes from the barrow in Trafalgar st and met the whanau at gymnastics.
They were all very glad to get the spuds as they were hungry after expelling all that energy.
Last gym session for the term so they had heaps of fun.
Nathan went home with the Harris’s.
I took Mahalia & Azzan to dancing and said goodbye to them.
Tim rushed off to get a few of his jobs done while he had a window of opportunity.
We picked up Nuana and she dropped us at the airport.
She is picking up Mahalia and then meeting Tim & Azzan after his jazz lesson.
They will head home tonight.

Shanni and I were rescheduled to fly to Auckland at 5:30pm.
We were meeting Jesika who was flying in from Melbourne and then picking up our rental car and will then try and find our way to Sunni’s.
Trouble was – when we were due to board it was announced that our plane had a minor mechanical fault they had to fix.
That fault kept us in Nelson until after 6:30
Once we took off I all of a sudden felt very tired.
I slept on the plane when we finally got into the air.
We got to Akld and managed to drag our very heavy bags onto the free transfer bus and got over to International and found Jesika.
Got the keys to our rental car and I drove into the city.
It is a peppy wee Nissan.
Took a bit to get used to but I am really enjoying driving it now.
As it was late we dropped Jesika off with Sunni & Mat and then headed out to Kohimarama where we are staying with Tim & Lee.
Had a quick drink and chat before hitting the pillows.
It was a l-o-n-g day.

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