A very White NZ Monday

We woke this morning to news bulletins about snow storms in many parts of New Zealand.
It was down to sea level in places it has hardly been before.
Motueka, Nelson & Mapua!
Kaikoura, Rai Valley.
The bottom of the South Island was pretty much iced up.
Snow was blocking so many roads and people were being warned about black ice and not to go out unless it was absolutely imperative.
The snow was moving up the North Island as well.
I spent some time looking at all the photos on the news and Facebook.
It was amazing.
We had no snow here – could only see a light dusting across the bay on Mt Stokes.
And yet on either side of us, not too far away it was thick as!!

We have had the fires blazing to try and keep warm.
And the heaters going to.
I wallowed in the spa with my book for a while.
Tim played cards with Azzan.
Nuana arrived around quite early.
She was a great help.
Folded all the washing and then got The Cottage all ready for me.
I got all the accounts filed at long last.
I have the gst to do and it has to be done in the next couple of days but I have been busy, away and totally  not at all in the mood to do them.
After I got all the invoices filed I then spent some time clearing out junk and rubbish in the study.
Filed some more papers.
Am now making room to begin the actually gst attack!!
Maybe tomorrow might do it.

The sun is coming back very quickly now.
It was on the deck today.
Azzan decided to go downothe wharf and sunbathe.
He took a towel and several books.
He wasn’t down there long.
I found him huddled up on the sofa trying to warm up by the fire.
He was blue!
His comment – ‘There was lots of light but it was all cold‘!

While I was busy in the study I asked Azzan to peel the potatoes for dinner.
I was intending to boil & mash them.
He came to me and told me he had them all cut up for crispy baked potatoes and had already put fresh rosemary and mixed herbs on them.
He was so proud that he had got them all ready on his own and only needed Mahalia to help him get them into the oven.
They were so delicious too

Tonight Brent & Wanda arrived in their campervan.
They have been doing a tiki tour around the South Island for 3 months and are now on their way home.
It is a few years since they were last here so it was a lovely evening catching up with them.
I was also expecting 2 wwoofers but they never arrived.
Never even phoned which I thought was pretty darned rude.
Esp as I had dinner ready for them.

So apart from all the excitement and news of the snow nothing major happened here today.

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