July 22 – 24th


This is the view I woke to.
Fresh snow all along the Nelson ranges.
Glistening in the early morning sun.

I was up and away from the house nice and early.
So easy when there is only me to get ready!
I had a couple of things I had to do before my 9:30am appointment with the chiropractor.
Haven’t been to see him for many many months due to me and him being busy.
He was running late as usual despite the morning still being early.
So once I finally got in to see him and he sorted out my shoulder etc I was runny really late for my 10am appointment at Nelson Beauty Therapy.
Bedelia was great though and did when she could with the time we had available.
From there I went over to Victory Square Cafe and met up with Margaret for Devonshire Tea.
We had a delightful couple of hours chatting.
Not too often that we are both child free
I was waiting to hear from the lawyer as to when I could pick up the house key so was in a bit of  a limbo state.
I had the Terrano full of things to unload and I wanted to go look at a wee fridge but couldn’t get it in my already full vehicle.
So Margaret suggested I park up and then she would take me in her van.
So we trundled on out to Stoke and had a look at the fridge.
It was perfect.
We loaded it in the back of her van and headed back to town.
I took the Terrano and went to do a few more jobs.
While i was getting groceries I got word to say I could go pick up the key.
I got that and headed off to the house.
Phoebe & her family were not yet in town so I unloaded all the stuff I had brought out to make their stay a bit more comfortable.
Then Margaret and the girls brought the fridge out.
We unloaded that and then Phoebe, Nicky, Madi & Jasper, John & Max arrived.
Just after Margaret left Rose & Graham arrived with the trailer full of furniture they had taken out from home on Sunday.
We unloaded that and they had a we look see before leaving.
Thanks so much to you all for your help – I really appreciated being able to get all the things out and into the house,
They did make it seem so much more homely.

Phoebe showed her family around as it was their first time of seeing it.
We chatted a while and then Nicky took the boys to go find some food.
I left to get groceries.
I was undecided as to what I was going to do.
I had planned to stay over night but felt I wasn’t really needed any more so got myself a hamburger for tea and left town.
I popped in to say goodbye to Nicky first so didn’t end up leaving until about 9:20pm.
I got home at midnight.
It was a pretty cold, windy, wild night out.
I unpacked what I needed and crept into bed.
No-one heard me and Tim didn’t even realise I was home til around 4am!!


The children were really happy to see me home.
They hadn’t expected me till Sat night.
We unpacked and got the groceries sorted.
It was cold and they were still not feeling great so we had a quiet day.
I played Monopoly Deal with Azzan using the new pack I had brought home.
I just had to take this photo as proof that I won – twice!!!
Actually I was still winning in this shot and Azzan was not terribly happy with me but as he wins 98% of the time I thought it was pretty darn good

The American family were still there.
Unfortunately there wasn’t much they could help with due to the weather.
Jeff was helping Tim with clearing the road that was blocked by all the fallen trees several storms ago!
The girls helped Mahalia to clean out the chicken house and the avairy which she was very grateful for.
I made a delicious macaroni cheese for dinner.
It had veges & bacon and lots of cheese and was very, very tasty!
I also made a lemon meringue pie.
It was really good

After dinner we all played cards.

Jeff, Catherine & Larry.

Mary opted out of cards and helped do the dishes.

It was a fun night – we were sad as it was their last night with us.


The wind had dropped right away so it was calm enough for the water taxi to come and pick up the Lacksens.
We had a quick photo session before they hopped on board and headed back out to their campervan.

We crashed out on the sofa for the rest of the day and watched copious amounts of ‘Dr Quinn’ for the rest of the day.
Even Tim watched a few episodes!
It was a nice relaxing day.
Just what we all needed.

Azzan was not well still and was wandering about aimlessly.
When I gave him some jobs to do he collapsed in a wee heap.
So I sent him off to bed for a rest.
When we were about to have dinner I went to find him.
He was sound asleep.
Most unusual for him so he really must have needed it.
He got up and had a drink of water and went back to bed again.
Tim went to bed around 9:30am.
A few moments later I heard a strange noise.
It sounded like Tim was outside moving the farm truck.
I thought it was the beginning of an earthquake but there was no jolt.
However I found out later it was a 5.1 quake centred not too far north of us but 120km deep and it was felt right throughout New Zealand!
Mahalia & I watched some more of the series and fell into bed around 10:30pm.

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