A sunny Saturday

I woke quite early so snuck out of bed and spent some time cleaning my art desk.
It hasn’t seen me in a very long time so was in rather a mess.

At 6:30am a small boy staggered out with very blurry eyes asking if he could have a spa.
Apparently he couldn’t sleep either.
Then as soon as he had his dip he was at the study door asking me if he could pack his picnic lunch.
He and Mahalia were planning on taking a picnic up to their new huts.
I thought it was a tad early to be thinking of that but acquiesced to his wishes and told him to be very quiet and not wake Hali & Daddy and I would come out and help him in a mo.

When I got out to the kitchen I found two young’uns getting their picnic organised.
Mahalia was awake already and was making bread so they would have fresh bread sandwiches.
Azzan had given up the idea of lunch and was busy making his breakfast

The picnic seemed to get postponed later and later as the morning progressed.
They got engrossed playing their new ClueFinders reading game.
I sat with them for a while to help with the ‘noun, verb & adjective’ game.
But Azzan was doing so well with it that I left them to play.

When it was Mahalia’s turn I sat with Azzan and began reading from his Apologia Human Anatomy book.
It is really interesting.
The first experiment he had to do was to take 2 apples and peel them.
Bury one in a mixture of baking soda and salt and leave the other in a bowl.
They have to stay there for a week and then he will gain an understanding of the Egyptian method of mummification I am guessing!
As we are short on apples we used one apple cut in half.
There was some debate as to whether this was a kosher thing to do to the experiment but I assured him it would work just as well to get the anticipated results.

After he had fixed his chainsaw Tim took the children out to pick up a load of firewood.
Wanda & Brent came to say goodbye at the same time so it was a mass exodus.
It was such a lovely sunny day.
The rooster was strutting along the top of the old gate – he appeared to be lording it over the duck!

A gorgeous cyclamen was blooming in a pot under Nathan’s steps.
It is such a lovely splash of colour.

Mahalia put Tinga out into the sun before she left.
He is finally back to his normal noisy aggressive self.
It has been sorta pleasant having him quiet and passive.
It is quite a shock to our eardrums to have him back to normal again

He enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.
He is really getting into his water baths and fresh fruit again.
Makes such a mess about the place – I am very glad that we can get him outside for a while during the day now.

Tim and the children came back for a quick snack and then took the load of firewood over to Waterfall Bay.
They were on a promise of an ice cream if they helped load and unload.
They were in high spirits so it wasn’t too much bother to them.
It is great to have them back to normal too.
It has been a very subdued holidays with them and Tinga not being well.

Tim helped Nuana greet the fishing party.
They gave him a paua which he brought home and cooked up for my dinner.
It was delicious.
He eats the guts – I know they are only seaweed but I cannot bring myself to eat them.
I let him enjoy that part of it!!
This is the inside of the shell.
Isn’t it pretty?

This is a very interesting website with lots of info about the NZ paua.

We had a night at the movies while we ate our dinner.
We watched the Dr Quinn: The Movie.
It was really good.
Full of action and suspense.
Azzan was full of questions.
So it was a ‘question, pause, answer, go,’  ‘question, pause, answer, go’ movie night

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