Sunday a day out but a very sad start to our day

Last night we had decided that if the southerly hadn’t come through already that we would go out in the boat for the day.
It was flat calm when we woke so I got up early and made some muffins while Tim heated the water enough for my shower.

While all this was happening I became aware that something was not right with a friend of mine.
After some majorly concerning moments I heard absolutely gutting news.
Our friend Nick ( he taught our children piano with such exuberance and fun last year)  died at 1am today from a severe and acute asthma attack.
He was only 34.
He was away up in Tauranga doing a gig last night so it is doubly hard on his family not to have been able to be with him.
I called up Sally and cried with her over the phone.
It is so hard to comprehend that he has gone even though we know he is now in a wonderful place and breathing easy and freely.
Sally, Jackson & Kashana – our hearts and prayers are with you all.
We will all miss Nick so much.
He was such a cheeky, happy, bright light in all the lives he touched.

Our day was already planned so by 9:30am we were out the door and away up the bay to pick up Nuana.
It was flat calm, cold and overcast.
We headed out to West Entry and stopped to fish for our lunch.
This photo is looking back towards home.
For those of you unfamiliar to the area – our homestead is in the middle of the picture.

There were seals lazing on the point.

Azzan wasn’t interested in fishing.

He had brought along a stash of Geronimo Stilton books to read.

Tim, Nuana & Mahalia put their lines over and were soon pulling up blue cod.

Mahalia had two good sized ones on at once and really struggled to get them on board.

A great catch!

Cook Strait was a millpond.


Once we had our quota of blue cod we headed off towards Okoha.
We went past the back of Pohuenui.
Some of our older children have grubbed these blocks in past years and now they are all regressing as the current managers are not carrying on with the weeding.
Such a shame.

I chuckled when I found both children engrossed in their books.
They really do choose interesting reading positions

We spent an enjoyable couple of hours over lunch with Joy & Tony.
But they were heading to town and we needed to get home before it got too late.
It was getting quite cold so at 3pm we headed down to the boat.
It was firmly embedded on the hard !!

So we had to wait for a while for the tide to come in enough to move it.
We went for a wander and found Phil.
He had just come back from laying a possum poison line.
We chatted a while out of the cold wind.

Nuana & the children went down to the beach.

I found them there gathering sucker fish.

They had made a wee pond and were transporting them all in to it.
Azzan had ideas of taking them home but I assured him they really needed to stay on this beach and that we had enough of our own!

They were also having fun chasing and catching crabs,

Finally after about 40mins Tim got the boat free and we were able to wave good-bye to Phil and head home.
We went past a heap of seals sleeping on top of mussel floats.
They looked so funny.

I worked on my embroidery while we traveled.
I bought it several years ago in a fit of enthusiasm but hadn’t done much with it.
I am now getting lots done.
Quite fun to see it growing.

Just before dark there were some breaks in the clouds and we saw a slight bit of blue trying to break through.
Hopefully tomorrow!

While Tim & Nuana fished for some dinner we were being watched by a couple of shags.
They were so fast.
Every time I went to take a photo they would dive down after a fish.
When Tim did a quick turn about in the boat he created some waves and one of the shags went surfing!

We arrived back just on dark.
Nathan was phoning as I walked in the door so after catching up with him and Bri I put a quick dinner on.
We ate it while watching the last of the Dr Quinn movies.
Now it is bedtime.
It has been a long and emotional day.

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