Friday Mail and Visitors

The mailboat brought a few nice surprises.

Azzan always loves to help me open the mail but never expects anything for himself.
He hopes lots
This time though Sunni had sent a parcel to Azzan.
He opened it.
When he realised what it was he just stood there holding it, speechless for several minutes.

Do you think he is happy?

He was so thrilled to receive the Geronimo Stilton dvd and then to find it was 2 dvds with 13 episodes.
An 8year old’s heaven
Thanks Sunni – you are a wonderful big sister xxxx

I got a new Karen Kingsbury book so I was happy too.

We had some folk due in to The Cottage.
They arrived much later than anticipated.
Steve hasn’t been here in over 12 years so he was pretty thrilled about coming back.
After 10 years in Kalgoorlie in the dessert he and his family a loving being back in NZ.
He brought his two boys Jahmon (9) and Jye (7) with him.
Plus a friend Glen who came with his daughters Shakyla (8) and Maddison (11).

Mahalia & Azzan were dong their music practice when they all arrived.
The guys and I sat and chatted over a cuppa while waiting for Tim.
The children did not take very long to pal up

Before long I had Mahalia & Maddi asking if Hali could sleep in the Cottage with them.
The others put the boat in the water and went fishing.
When they got back Azzan joined the kids and I never saw them again till dark.
They were playing on the big gumtree swing and then down in the woolshed.

Tim and I were eating dinner while Hali & Maddi got the sleeping bag & gear sorted.
They munched on sausages and then went down for fresh fish dinner with the guys.
Azzan came flying in to ask if he could sleep down there too.
I suggested that maybe he should ask.
So he flew off to ask and then was back in a flash to get his sleeping bag.
He grabbed a sausage as he whizzed out the door in a great flurry of excitement.

Tim and I cuddled up on the sofa with our dinner and watched ‘Larkrise to Candleford’.
I kept on falling to sleep so we eventually headed off to bed.
It was very strange to have no children in the house!

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