Thursday – a really good day in town!

This was the first Thursday in quite a while that we were doing a day trip.
Of course I had the alarm set for 4:45am but woke around 3am.
Didn’t sleep much from then so got up around 4:30.
Cooked Nathan’s toasties for him and then woke him to have a discussion about him staying on it town for a few days so he could help Yari celebrate his birthday.
The discussion could have happened the night before & he could have been all packed and ready had the guys actually thought to discuss it with me.
But as they hadn’t Tim raised the subject at 3am!

I got Mahalia & Azzan up at 5am and we were heading up the drive by 5:30.
Had a good run to Nelson.
I was getting pretty sleepy after the first hour or so.
I asked Nathan to drive from the top of the Ronga.
He drove us to Nelson so I was able to close my eyes for a while.
I dropped him at ‘The Wood’, left Tim’s chainsaw at the Stihl Shop and then unloaded my photocopier at Lazer’s Edge.
It is a big dinosaur of a machine which I have had for so many years I have forgotten and it has never had to be serviced before.
It was quite an act finding somewhere to take it.
Am really hoping it just needs cleaning and a basic service as it is a really good machine.

Then we headed straight out to Edencourt.
I left Mahalia there to ride while Azzan & I zipped out to Spring Grove to see Sally.
I had told her I was coming to crack the whip and get her started on her packing as she hadn’t managed to get her head around beginning yet.
I had taken Nathan’s stock whip with me so walked in waving it about.
Created a good bit of laughter to begin the morning
We got into her homeschooling cupboard and over the next hour managed to sort out and pack up lots of boxes.
It was very satisfying to be able to leave her 1 empty cupboard and half a dozen full named boxes closer to the final pack and move!

I zipped back to get Mahalia.
I had asked her to be ready by 10:30am but as it was such a glorious day she & Callum were still out in the paddock riding.
We were off in a cloud of dust as soon as she got back.
No time to groom Tusk today unfortunately.

I was on a time frame as I had to drop the two of them at piano and then be at my appointment by 11:15.
Just made it!
I spent the next couple of hours with the chiropractor and massage therapist.
Then it was back to get the kids.
There had been a major muck up with violin which was very annoying.
We had a substitute teacher who really didn’t seem to know what was going on
Hopefully things will be back to normal next week when Fleur is back.
I had to make a run for it and get the children to gymnastics and be down the street at my counseling session by 2pm.
Needed some Mindfulness to begin with to settle my racing mind!

I got back to gymnastics about 10mins before they all finished.
They had a great session.
Nathan is enjoying having the 3 coaches working with them now as it splits the group well and they get a much better workout.

I dropped M&A at dancing.
Nathan shot into the library while I fueled up the Terrano.
Then we whizzed in to The Warehouse to get Yari a card and birthday voucher.
From there it was over the hill to Tahunanui to pick up the Safari.
Nathan transferred all our gear while I talked with Niven about what had been done and what still needs to happen.
Nathan headed to Wakefield in the Terrano and I took the Safari back to the city and picked up Azzan.
Left him at the library and whizzed around Countdown.
Mahalia met me there after jazz.
Then we picked up Azzan and we picked up Chinese takeaways for them and a Burger for me and left town.
We popped in to pick up Seb’s mail on the way.

We were home by 8:30pm.
We were chatting in the car about music.
Mahalia is happy to pick up violin if she can so Azzan said he would teach her to get her up to speed.
Mahalia then said she would help him with his piano practices.
I was talking to them about how much practicing helps you to advance.
That learning music is like babies learning to speak.
And that if you practice lots then you will get far more from your lessons and you will eventually then begin to enjoy your music.

Azzan commented that ‘actually music was becoming quite a joy to him now.’
I am very glad to hear that – it makes up for the times when I feel like I am pulling hens teeth to get him to actually do his practising!!

It was a really good day.
Everything connected and the day went very smoothly 

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