Busy kids and a glorious weekend.

Apparently the children talked until after 10pm Friday night and were awake talking around 5am.
Despite having no children in the house I didn’t sleep well either.
When Tim got up at 6:30am I went to sleep.
I was out cold when the phone rang at 7:30am.
I was not terribly impressed at being woken from such a deep sleep and was feeling really grumpy for a while.
However, it was all good cuz it was Sasha.
She and Glen’s wife Maree were on a women’s walk in Nydia Bay and were keen to come out here when the other ladies went home.

The children played so well together all day.
I hardly saw them.
I made a large batch of muffins to share with the troops.
They disappeared quickly.
Mahalia went out fishing in the boat for a while.
Azzan was obviously quite tired so by afternoon he needed some time to himself.
I also told him he was to sleep in his own bed that night.
I cannot cope with him when he is tired.
And he cannot cope with himself!!

Steve & Glen went out fishing and diving.
Brought  us back some paua.
They were delicious – I had 2 for my dinner.

They whizzed up to Duncan’s Bay and got the ladies in the late arvo.
We had a lovely time together.
Maddi and I made a triple Self-saucing Butterscotch Pudding and took it down to the Cottage for dessert.
It disappeared very quickly.
Tim & I tucked Azzan into bed so he could get an early night before we popped down to socialise.

Mahalia took the kids down to the woolshed to find some penguins.

There were a few there which made them all happy.
They are nesting at present.


The children were up and out there playing early.
The boys brought this critter into show me.
Azzan thought it would be quite a good idea to keep it as a pet and feed it up till it was big enough to eat.
I had other ideas though!

Sasha, Maree & I chatted over hot date scones and cups of herb tea.
Then Glen, Steve, Maree and kids cleaned up the Cottage.
Tim went on ahead with the children to take them skidder boarding up the top of the hill.
Azzan got left behind
Thankfully Steve was able to take him up.
Tim took a load around to Elaine Bay in the Safari to make it easier for Glen as he had more than a car full now the ladies had joined them.

I had a lovely few hours to myself.
I sat with a large pot of herbal tea and watched ‘Larkrise to Candleford’.
Then I made dinner.
It was all ready for when they walked in the door.
We had pita breads with an assortment of fillings.
The kids always love that type of meal.
Tim and kids arrived back around 6pm with Nathan.
He had driven into Elaine Bay from Yari’s b’day.
It was his first solo drive and he did well.

They left the Safari there so Mike can do some panel beating on it. – bit of rust control!
Hopefully it will be all done by the time we need it for our October family holiday.

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