Sunday at our house

Sunday 25th September

It was a lovely day.
Shanni has been cleaning up all around the house and garden.
She wanted to rearrange the pots and barrels of plants.
They are incredibly heavy.
She convinced her dad and Gavin to move them for her.
Tim found that manoeuvering them onto a piece of carpet made them easier to move.

Then it was a case of pulling and pushing them to where she wanted them to go.

 Around the side of the house and ‘just there please Dad’!

Just a bit further and then turn it around a tad more so the plants are on the right side!

Next one is to go down under the cabbage tree.
Tim said id he moved it down there it was in no way going to be moved backup again so she better be pretty darn sure!

I got side tracked with the evidences of spring.
The wistaria is budding and looks so cool.

The flowering current is beautiful too.

Then this pot just had to be moved back where it was once Shanni had cleaned the deck.

This one was a bit of a lift too but Gavin made it look easy.

And the last one!
Bouncing it down the steps.

Jynx & Skip checking it all out.

The pots in their new positions.
I actually quite like them there.

The boot of little rabbits tucked in amongst them.

 And the boot of wee birds tucked in amongst the other pots.

The lovely blue pot in its new home.

Gavin & I were sitting in the chairs chatting once it was all done and then we were entertained by our resident Top Model

Graham came around just before midday, we talked and then had fellowship.
Lunched together.
Then I went off to bed.
My bro Murray called up so I chatted with him for a while and then went back to bed.
Got up for dinner.

Tim, Gavin & Shanni had gone out fishing in the dinghy so we had fresh fish for tea.
The casserole will wait for another day.
Just as well they improve with age

Tim & Gavin were going to The Croft to watch the rugby.
I was invited and was a bit torn.
Would like to have watched the game but my body needed to be horizontal.
So I opted to stay home.
Kids & I went to bed early after Shanni had given me a lovely massage.
I watched a bit more of Grey’s Anatomy.
Then lay and listened to the end of the game on the radio.
The All Blacks cleaned up the French 37-17.
Sounded like a great game and I wish I had’ve had the energy to go and watch it after all.

I knew Anson & Jesika were at the Warriors vs Melbourne Storm game in Melbourne.
I woke in the early hours of the morning and heard that NZ had beaten the Australians.
Way to go Warriors!!

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