A very sad & traumatic day

I woke about 3am.
It was cold and I couldn’t get back to sleep.
Hopped into a hot shower to warm up at 4:40am.
We left home around 6am.

When we got to town there was snow down on the hills behind Richmond which probably explained why it was so cold over night.
I dropped Nathan in town and he walked to The Wood.
I had a list to work through before music.
I drove out to Richmond to get Tim’s stuff from CRT and then on the way back into town I rearranged the kids piano timetables which allowed Mahalia some time to go play with Sophie.
She was rapt to be able to as she has really been missing her girl friends.
I buzzed around and got through my list then took Shanni & Azzan to the library.
We then juggled appointments and lessons and finally all ended up at gymnastics at 2:15pm.

I was chatting to the other mothers when I all of a sudden realised Mahalia was on the ground and Steph the coach was yelling to Sharon the head coach to get an ice pack and ring the ambulance.
I tore across to her and found she had fallen off the P bars.
She was walking along them, about 1.5m off the ground when she lost her footing, fell landing on both her wrists.
It was pretty darned obvious to us that both wrists were broken from the shape of them and from the pain.
She was in shock and hyperventilating.
I had to think fast as it was only 5mins before the session was finishing and the other 3 kids needed to be organised.
Victoria dropped Azzan & Shanni off at ballet then Sasha picked them up and took them to the Winnington’s at 5:30pm when they had gotten back from taking Emma to the airport.
I am so very thankful for friends
Nathan took the Terrano and went to the library and then to his 4:30pm appointment.

The ambulance guys arrived.
They were great.
They assessed her, then put splints on her arms.
It was all a bit tricky cuz both arms were broken.
They put her straight on to laughing gas and then managed to transfer her on a mobile chair, out of the gym and down the steps into the ambulance.
They got us settled and then we were off to the hospital.
Not too far thankfully.
I must admit I was thinking back a few years when Nathan broke his wrist here at home and he had to travel 3 hours to hospital on a bumpy windy road with hardly any pain killer med – no fun

Once we got to hospital we were transferred over to the Emergency Department staff.
They were fantastic.
They spent ages getting her pain under control using various forms of morphine and gas as she needed it.
They had to put an access tube into her ankle as they couldn’t access her arms – too painful to move or straighten them at that point.
Once they got her pain sorted we were then taken to x-ray.
Her nurse Lesley was fantastic.
Chatty, friendly and very caring and interested in her patient.
She and the radiologist were so lovely.
Each time they had to move Hali’s arms they would get me to give her some more gas.

Then it was back to Emergency to wait till the Dr had read the xrays.
We were sitting there waiting when Hali said to me that she had seen Tommy go past the doorway.
It was the ambulance entrance we had come in.
I was a bit side tracked as I was trying to locate Nathan and I couldn’t get any answer on his phone.
I called up the Winnington’s to see if he was there and chatted with Elizabeth and commented to her that her brother had just come in.
She hadn’t heard anything so was thankful I had told her.
Very soon after I saw Tommy but the nurse said not to go talk to him cuz the woman he was with was very sick.
Then they pushed her bed past us and I saw it was Aimee.
Tommy followed and told me that they didn’t know what the matter was.
He looked so stunned & scared.
My mother’s heart just went out to him but I couldn’t hug him as they were rushing him past.

Soon after I realised that some of the family were just around the corner so I went to see them.
Had a chat and a very big cuddle with Grace.
Aimee had had a massive brain bleed and the Dr’s were saying that there was nothing they could do.
Nathan went off to help transport the rest of the family and Shanni & Azzan.
I so felt for Margaret and Dave & Aimee’s parents.
It was so very sad.
Nothing they could do, nothing we could do.
Apart from encourage, hug, cry, support and pray.
In tragedy like this we can pray for strength and comfort and even for understanding.
We can walk beside them and share their pain but we cannot carry it because we have no understanding of the depth of it unless we have walked it before.
In reality only God’s grace is sufficient in a time like this.

In amongst all of this Mahalia was having a cast put on her right arm.
The Dr had to manipulate her wrist so they gave her more localised pain meds and then I had to get her to breath deeply on the gas but it was still so unbearably painful that she couldn’t breath on it for crying.
Thankfully they got the job done quickly and efficiently and once the cast cooled down she felt a lot of relief.
They were planning to just splint the left arm to make it easier for her to use but when they did it is was still far too painful and she asked them to put a cast on it too.
We finally had that put on just before 8pm.
Then on discharge they gave her a copy of her x-rays.

Right – distal rad #~15-20dorsal angulation

Left – bilat wrist #s rad/ulner

Then one of the head nurses decided cuz we live so far away she needed to cut the right cast to allow room for swelling.
I had to use my cellphone camera to capture this cuz my camera was in the car.
She looked so cute with the earmuffs on.

Please don’t cut my arm off!!

It was so hard to leave the hospital knowing Margaret & Dave and the families were still in agony but there was nothing more I could do and my children were all very tired & wanting to go home.
So we headed off.
Stopped in at the video hire shop and got a load of dvds.
I figured Mahalia might need them in the next few days!!
Grabbed some food at the supermarket and then Nathan drove us as I ate.
The kids cuddled up in the back seat with Mahalia in the middle and her arms supported by a pillow.
I drove from the top of the Ronga.
When we were coming through the Garnes/Saville Reserve Mahalia was feeling sick.
So she and Shanni got out to get some air.
Then they repacked themselves with Azzan in the middle.
I was quite concerned cuz I knew Mahalia’s next pain meds were due but thankfully she went to sleep.
We got home at 11:30pm.
I gave Mahalia her painkiller and tucked her up into bed with pillows supporting her arms.
She was very grateful to be warm and cosy in her own comfy bed and was soon sound asleep.

The rest of us fell into bed soon after.
What a day it was!


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