Recovery Days


Mahalia was wanting to get up early for a feed of decent sold food.
She hadn’t eaten much yesterday and was hungry.
She was as perky as she could be after a good sleep.

Tim cooked up some porridge but she couldn’t wait that long so I cooked her some toast.
She figured out how to eat it herself.

Azzan has been a loving bro and feeds Mahalia her meals.
I sent her outside into the sun for a while to get her much needed dose of Vit D.

Shanni & Azzan tidied up and Azzan helped Mahalia put away her clothes.
Nice that she can get some pay back now
They were all so tired I let them crash out and watch a movie.

Tim & Gavin went out to do mussel work – it was such a calm and lovely morning.
Great day to be on the sea.

Nathan cleaned out the Terrano, got meat organised for dinner and chilled out with his book.
I enjoyed the sunny morning and rehung the washing Tim hung out yesterday and then added another load to it.
It was lovely to be out in the sun for a while.

I have been keeping in touch with Grace today.
Aimee survived the night on life support and the doctors are waiting for all the family to arrive so they can say goodbye to her.
They will make the decision as to when to turn off the machines soon.


The troops were up at 5am today as they were heading out mustering early and then tailing lambs.
I was woken by Azzan at 5:45am.
He had decided he wanted to go out to but couldn’t find his jacket.
I found it and sent them all on their way and went back to bed.
I woke up at 7:30 to the sounds of the piano.
This is who I found out there tinkling away on the keys.

She was hungry so I made her some porridge and set it up for her on pillows so she could feed herself.
She is trying to do as much as she can for herself – certainly a very easy patient.

After I had a soak in the spa I spent the morning cooking.
Made a large pot of tomato & vege soup and got a fish dish started for dinner.
Azzan walked down from the tailing yards at the top of the hill and so I made sandwiches for us all.
He and Hali played on the computer while they ate their lunch.
I crashed out and watched a dvd.
I was rather amused to see where Tinga had gotten to when Mahalia ‘lost ‘ him!

Poor Mahalia was getting rather bored.
She watched a movie in the morning and then another one with Azzan later on.
She wants to read but finds turning the pages a bit frustrating so has given up on that for now.
The guys all arrived back mid afternoon.
They had a break and then headed back up the hill to kill a couple of sheep.
Hali was keen to get some fresh air and a change of scenery but couldn’t face being away for the time they were going for.
Her arms were getting very sore so I tucked her up into bed for a rest.
She slept for several hours.

I got word from Grace around midday to say that Aimee’s life support was about to be turned off.
So it is all rather final now.
I have been feeling rather blue today.
Tonight I heard that after his battle with the brain tumour, our dear friend Craig died late last night.

Everyone is tired tonight.
Physically and emotionally.
It has been a tough few days


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