Go the All Blacks!!!!!

Saturday 22nd Oct

Nathan & Shannie caught the 7:30am bus from Waipara on Saturday morning.
It was a wettish sort of day.
Just the right kind of day for traveling.
They had had a brilliant week at camp and were very tired so happy to sleep the journey away.

Tim was in Nelson.
He spent the morning buzzing about getting the jobs on his list done.
He picked up Mahalia in the late morning and went through to Rai Valley to pick up the kids.
The bus was held up in Blenheim for half an hour so they had quite a long wait.

At home here the wwoofers were in action.
Despite the precipitation they headed out into the garden.
Gavin weeded with the girls for a while.
He had other jobs to do but it got too wet.
Maren took a break when the rain set in and cleaned out one of my linen cupboards.
Always good to have them tidied

Tim arrived back home in the late arvo.
Seb & Phoebe got here around the same time.
They all unpacked and got sorted.

Sunday 23rd Oct

Seb & Phoebe went out in the dinghy for the day.
It was flat calm although low cloud and overcast and it came in with a light drizzle during the middle of the day.

Gavin & the girls peeled a heap of carrots for me first.
I am so over the carrots of today.
Whatever they do to them is disgusting.
They just do not keep.
They are cleaned with something which seems to make them go all slimy very quickly and then the moisture turns to rot.
It is very yuck and I hate it.
Am trying to talk Shanni into growing more carrots.
Trouble is we don’t have enough space or length of growing season to supply us with enough.

Marie & Maren did some weeding in the front rock garden and have almost finished it now.
I made a card for Nathan’s birthday.
Got dinner underway.
Tim cooked a roast of mutton in the wood stove and a pot roast of pork in the slow cooker.
I did mashed carrots with parsley, baked pumpkin and boiled potatoes.
I had made a carrot cake on Saturday so iced it for dessert.

We had an enjoyable birthday dinner for Nathan.
(see next entry for pics)

Then we put the children to bed and headed off around to the Croft to watch the final match of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
It was All Blacks vs French.
Christine & Les drove in to Bush Inn in the arvo so they walked around to watch it with us.
It was the most intense 80 minutes.
Nail biting, gut wrenching, just had to watch and hope and hope and pray!
The French really rose to the occasion and fought valiantly.
The All Blacks had to really work hard.
But the night was finally won by the All Blacks – by 1 point!
NZ 8 – France 7
The Webb Ellis trophy is New Zealand’s again – first time in 24 years
The whole country went mad with excitement.
Auckland streets were alive in celebration.

What a buzz to try and sleep on!!

2 thoughts on “Go the All Blacks!!!!!

  1. Speaking of the All Blacks…  Have you ever posted video of your family performing the Haka?  We would enjoy that.  (Yesterday afternoon, as we were playing charades after our poetry society, Mari demonstrated what she knew of the haka.  Most amusing.)

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