A week’s worth of update!!

Monday 24th October

I was getting a bit concerned as to the condition of Waterfall Bay gardens because the spring weather has really activated the plant growth around here.
So Tim took the 3 wwoofers & Shanni over to work for the day.
The girls weeded the gardens.
Shanni checked out the shop products, can’t have outdated stock on the shelves.
Tim cleaned up the bird mess on the decks and organised nets to prevent them from returning there.
Gavin mowed lawns.
Apparently there are a few of our neighbour’s ewes and lambs there which Tim assures me are doing a good job of keeping the place under control.
Personally I am really worried about the damage they may be doing.
But being of the male variety Tim is happy with their pruning abilities cuz it saves him work 

They cleaned up the vege garden and Shanni brought home there radish plants.
Most impressive aren’t they?
She’s in there under them somewhere!

There was also a large bucket of silver beet, some rhubarb and parsley.
Most of the silver beet leaves were huge!

Needless to say, we had a good feed of it for dinner that night.

Gavin has been weedeating the orchard and around the vege garden when he gets some spare moments so the place is starting to look nice and tidy.
He and Tim have been doing stock work, mussel work and woolshed & wharf building throughout the week.

Tuesday 25th October

Maren finished weeding the last of the front rock garden.
Marie weeded the rhubarb patch.
Then Shanni set them alight in the vege garden.

I had quite a bad day.
Not too sure why yet but I am starting to see a pattern.
Tuesdays seem to be not good days for/to me.
I was also really tired and achey.
I was feeling completely overwhelmed.
But I am making progress.
I didn’t totally lose the plot like I usually do, I just had a tearful breakdown at some stage through the day when things got too much for me.
Then I moved on.

Tim and Gavin worked on the mussel harvester most of the afternoon.
We had dinner earlier cuz they weren’t expecting to be in till late-ish – and they weren’t.

Wednesday 26th October

The girls finished weeding the vege garden.
The weather forecast was for a heavy band of rain to come over in the afternoon so we were wanting to get the outdoor jobs done asap.
It arrived right on target.
Tim was delighted.
It was a really good steady rain.
Enough to cancel mussel harvesting.
Shanni cooked all morning.
She made heaps of mushroom & silverbeet frittata and some gluten free brownie.

We had Dean & Merv come to visit in the morning by boat.
We sat and discussed business with them for a couple of hours.
I was busy trying to clear the paper piles in the study and get ready for town.
Had to gather up all Anson’s accounts to take to the accountant.
That was one good decision I had made – not to try and get them done.
It would’ve totally stressed me out so I asked/told the accountants to sort them this time.
Next time he will be home and he can start learning how to do them himself.
I also spent some time having a look around Azzan’s site for his Online One Day School programme.
He was busy and not interested when I was doing it but I thought it would be good to try and get a handle on it all before he gets in there.
It really looks interesting so I do hope he enjoyes it.
It will stretch him which is what he is needing and wanting.

Then Simon & Das arrived by car in the pouring rain and fog.
They did get lost but finally turned up in the late arvo.
They were also coming to talk business.
I let Tim discuss most of it and just stayed on the periphery.

We had a very tasty dinner.
I made a mega mud puddle cake but it didn’t turn out that great.
Still edible though and enjoyed, so that is the main thing.
Said good bye to Marie & Maren as we were leaving before they would be up in the morning, then chatted with Sally on the phone for a while before heading off to bed.
I was really tired.

Thursday 27th October
I was up early.
Gathered up Nathan & Shanni and left at 6am for a day in Nelson.
We had a scheduled day with some appointments.
Nathan was measured for his suit for the wedding then he went to NMIT and spent the day there as a ‘Student for the Day’ with the Social Working class.
He really enjoyed it.
Could be some interesting possibilities there for him in the future.

I left Shanni at Katherine’s and they went to clarinet lessons together.
Shanni stayed with the Winnington’s until I picked her up around 5pm.
At 1:30pm I shot out to Richmond and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the sun with Sally the the kids at Ambrosia.
It was such a gorgeous day.
The temperatures were sposed to hit 17’C and I am sure they did and more.
In fact it was still 14’C when we left town at 7pm.

After lunch Sally helped me sort out some new glasses frames at SpecSavers then left me to sort out the finite details.
Even there they are crazily expensive but at least I get a spare pair for free – gotta be some bonus eh?
I popped into Pak’n’Save to get some groceries but ended up leaving with very little.
I totally hate shopping there and the prices are not actually that cheap.
So I headed back towards town.
Stopped off to see Estelle for half an hour.
Nice to sit and chat in peace and quiet.
And it was also nice not to have the pressure of running around after 4 of the kids.
The two older ones are at a stage now that they can walk to lessons and get to a lot of their appointments without my assistance.

Then at 5pm I picked up Shanni and Nathan – he had been waiting at the library.
Whizzed into The Warehouse and Countdown, fueled up the Terrano and then stopped in to see Seb &Phoebe on the way out of town.
Phoebe is so excited about getting the garden under control and has some lovely ideas to create privacy for them.
It will be hard when both of them have been used to country living, to now be sandwiched with neighbours breathing over the back fences!!
Nathan heated up a frozen pizza I had bought and ate it while chatting to his big bro.
We finally left there at 8pm.
Nathan drove over to Rai Valley and then I drove the rest of the way.
I got a real bad stomach ache and ended up being up until 1am with it.

Marie & Maren left a few hours after we did to continue their travels in NZ.
While we were away Mahalia & Azzan carried on tidying up the school room.
Mahalia is doing a brilliant job of sorting all the toys.

Friday 28th October
A bit of a slow day today.
It has rained off an on all day.
I lazed in the spa for a while with my book.
Finally finished it.
It is a large trilogy of stories by Tracie Paterson which I have been enjoying over the past week.

I am really tired and so is Shanni.
I have managed to get her to go to bed for an arvo rest.
As soon as I have finished this update I am going to find my bed too.

We unpacked the Terrano and sorted out all the groceries etc.
I cleaned out the fridge drawer.
Also started sorting out my clothes.
Am trying to get them into the drawers and wardrobe but not having much luck.
My energy levels sorta peter out before I get too far with the job

Azzan found the box of Polly Pockets so got them out and organised baths for all the dolls.

Who says dolls are not for boys.
He gets lots of fun from them too.

The mailboat came.
Brought a lovely gift for me from Alex in IK.
Series One of ‘Downton Abbey’ – I am so looking forward to kicking back and enjoying this series.
Thanks so much Alex
Looking forward to your return to NZ in Oct – maybe Series 2 will be out then

Tim & Gavin went up to Waterfall Bay in the boat before spending an hour or so doing some mussel work.
After lunch it was precipitating lightly so they worked in the woolshed and around the wharf.
Tim is working on the steps of the wharf now so is nutting out how he is going to build them.
He brought the barge over for a work platform.

This arvo Mahalia & Azzan watched ‘Eregon’.
Shanni went to bed with the dvd player and watched some more of ‘Little House on the Prairie’.
Nathan gave the kitchen a good sweep for me.
He spent some time trying to update his computer but lucked out and is going to have to seek some help.
He is also having a chilled out day.
Dinner will be very easy tonight.
Eggs & chips and salad 

One thought on “A week’s worth of update!!

  1. “My energy levels sorta peter out before I get too far with the job.”I have found that I can pop out of bed in the morning, full of energy and determination.  I can build and create… until about two or three in the afternoon.  Then I slump, and my plans just don’t matter until the next morning.  I wondered about this to my grandmother; she says the same is true of her, “If it’s not done in the morning, it doesn’t get done.”  I still DO things in the afternoon / evening, but without the enthusiasm….I have NEVER seen such radish plants.  Wow!

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