A lovely calm day at home

Just as I was sending kids off to bed last night I got a call from some folks who were coming to stay for the weekend in The Cottage.
I had totally forgotten they were coming so I was very glad to get half an hours warning!!
I sent Nathan down to light the fire and make the place a bit more welcoming.

It was 9:30pm when they finally arrived.
Tim was so tired he went off to shower and go to bed.
Nathan & Gavin got them sorted and we all headed off to bed.

This morning we woke to a mirror calm bay.
In fact it stayed like this all day.

Tim and Gavin worked on the wharf all day.
It was perfect weather for it.

Shanni went off fishing in her dinghy this morning and came back with a nice catch of assorted varieties.
She cooked them up for lunch.

I did some One Day School with Azzan on the computer.
That went quite well but I can see we will have to do it in short small chunks.

Sandy, Gavin & Andrew came up to say hullo and had a cuppa with me.
(We met Sandy when she cut Tim’s hair back in September.
We got on really well and invited her and Barry down to visit.)
The guys went down to  meet up with Tim.
After lunch Sandy got my hair cutting scissors into action.
She is a hairdresser and barber with 30 years under her belt.
She is also Welsh and a real hard case lady!!
Her visit was well timed cuz both boys had been asking me for a haircut.
Tim to stop for a pose

and a cuddle!

After lunch Shanni took Sandy, Barry & Andrew out fishing for a few hours.
The tales told tonight sound as if they had a rather hilarious time.
They caught fish and tangled lines and had lots of laughs

Tonight the bay was still calm, the temperatures warm and despite the late-ish hour the beach was still very inviting.
Mahalia & Azzan were around playing on the rocks.
Gavin & Barry talking on the wharf while Tim is rowing in.

Azzan & Gavin went for a swim.
Gavin was in first and waiting underneath for Azzan to jump.
It was so funny listening to Azzan trying to talk himself into jumping.
He was worried it would be cold.

Finally he jumped.

That’s Gavin’s splash under the wharf!!

Apparently it was quite pleasant.

But Azzan did make a beeline to the spa to warm up afterwards.
Mahalia soaked in there with him too.

I went to bed for a rest this arvo.
Watched The Lovely Bones.
Then got up and made dinner.
Decided to make Lemon Meringue Pie.
It was delicious.
I invited the Cottage folk to join us for dessert.
It was a big hit.
There was much craziness and laughter.
Mind you when Sandy is around everything is fun

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