Azzan got loose with my camera on Monday!

Monday 31st October 
A glorious day again.
I woke early and made cards for an hour or too.
Then after breakfast…..
I was stuck in the study all day.
I was determined to make some clearance.
Just so tired of the paper war.
It is a continuous battle.
I did make a lot of progress but by 4 o’clockish I was absolutely exhausted.
I collapsed on the couch and watched a couple of episodes of Midsomer Murders.
I just needed some complete brain release.

I was so pleased with the kids.
Shanni especially did a brilliant job of cleaning the house and cooking lunch and dinner for us.
Mahalia cleaned the bathroom & her bedroom.
Azzan vacuumed the lounge, tidied up the outdoor footwear and cleaned his room.

Tim & Gavin worked on the wharf and shed all day.
Tim is on a mission so is going for it!!

Azzan wanted to use my camera so I let him take it.
Then he came in wanting to take a photo of a bumble bee so I showed him how to use macro.
After I deleted a heap of randoms and blurry pics here is what was left.
I thought he did really well and had some really interesting perspectives on life here.

One thought on “Azzan got loose with my camera on Monday!

  1. GREAT photos, Azzan!  Fun to see your kitchen and dining room this way — not because they’re relatively empty, but because I now have an idea of their relational positions.  : )

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