Sunny Sunday

Sunday was a glorious day.
Just perfect for relaxing.
The temperatures were way up there.
Well over 20’C – in fact more like 25’C at least.
Languishing weather.

The cats found the perfect spot.
No wonder my grass always looks rather squished

Sandy, Barry & Andrew went boating & fishing.
They were leaving after lunch and then the call of the fish lured them back into the dinghy again.

Gavin went out to do some mussel harvesting with Noel.
The children went swimming with him before he left.

I did the necessary chores and then relaxed in the sun.
Went to bed for a rest with my book in the arvo.
Tim joined me later on and had a snooze.
I got up then and made some cards.

Azzan found an old pair of reading glasses and decided to try looking nerdish!

He succeeded

Nathan cooked.
It was nice not to have to think about dinner.
Dinner was extremely late again.
Sometimes I really hate the daylight saving and long evenings.
The kids get so tired.
Come to that – so do we

I’m reading a book at present called ‘Catherine Wheels’.
It is really slow and depressing.
But I keep reading in the hopes that something positive is going to happen.
It hasn’t yet

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